03.03.14 - Filofax Woodlands: Quick Overview

One of my friends loves her tiny little Moleskine weekly planner. It's a really small size and she's covered it with some pretty red paper. It's now ripped but she still loves it. I didn't know what I should get her for Christmas, so I decided to get her a... ... don't be surprised... a Filofax!  I ended up getting her a mini Metropol in red. I chose one that small because she really likes the small sized planners. The mini seemed to be about the same size as her Moleskine one. 

I was quite happy that she loved it. In fact... I've created a Filofax monster!!! [I've turned 2 other people into Filofax monsters! hehehe]. She knew about the Facebook groups because I had talked about them a few times and she joined most of the ones that I did. She even started... *gasp* making her own inserts!

Alas, she finally decided that the mini size isn't for her. She was contemplating the pocket size and the personal size. I showed her all the ones I had and we compared sizes for her. She ended up really liking the personal size. But now... which one did she want???? Now, that's the tough question!

But I'm sure you know the answer because of the title of this blog post ^_-

She discovered the Woodlands one. She became obsessed with it and couldn't find it anywhere except on eBay. But they were in the UK and she didn't have an eBay account. So she sought my help!

 A week and a half later and this beauty arrives. I asked permission to do a quick blog post on it [it's been in her position for 3 weeks now :P I'm so late *sigh*]. It came packaged extremely well! It comes in a white box, not very sturdy but the seller added a thin strip of styrofoam between the box and their infamous plastic sleeve. 

Is it sad that once I received it, I wanted it for myself? Lol.

 Isn't it adorable!? It reminds me of a Domino. She's the one that chose the Bunny one, btw. 

Macro shot of the texture and the color. That's quite amazing honestly. It's not very plastic-y feeling either.

 The guts. Sadly, it doesn't have any pockets. But she already knew that.

 I like the embossing on the front inside cover

 Isn't this cover sheet adorable? I wonder how her planner looks like now. I don't really see her much any more. Our work schedules are quite different now. But I'd love to check out her setup

 The rings were tight and perfect!

Included in the planner...

I'm having planner envy. Lol! I should ask her if I could take photos of her set up :)


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