03.13.14 - Raika Planner (NI 201 BONE) Overview [Photo Heavy]

 About a month ago, someone posted about the Raika Planners in the Filofax for Philofaxy Fans Facebook Group. When I saw it, I, immediately thought about the Gillio Firenze planners. The inserts looked alike, the actual design looked like it too. The price was the difference. It's cheaper by about $300 (USD). And because I am a stationery/planner addict, I decided to get it.

I purchased it at Unbeatable Sale and even found a 10% off coupon code for it. So I paid (plus tax and shipping) about $110 for it. 
I purchased this on March 4, 2014 and received a shipping notification on March 6, 2014. It was shipped by UPS and arrived on March 10, 2014. It was quick and would've been faster if it wasn't the weekend. They're located in the same state as I am.

It was packed up nicely in a box with a felt-type material that encased the actual planner.
 When I opened it, immediately, my brain started comparing how it looked to the Gillio Firenze Compagna in Mat Croco Grey, Beige, and [Shiny Croco] Lilac. As I've had all three (well the Beige was a pocket sized one). I put those thoughts aside but did notice that it smelled just like the Lilac one. 

The color is a little peachy than the beige one and in fact, a little more peachy than the Filofax Amazona in Almond. Just like the Gillios though, depending on the light, the color does change. The photo above is how it normally looks. 

 Here it is indirect daylight. Can you see something???

FRECKLES!!!! I think it's really cute, actually :P

 Here's another macro shot and a close up of the closure.

 Wait...what? It's GOLD!? And it's magnetic! 

 The back.

The leather feels just like the Shiny Croco of the Gillios. While the Gillios are a little more floppy, this is a bit more stiff. I'll do a comparison post (to the Shiny Croco, as that's the only one I have left) in a future post.

 Now, the insides. Another reason I wanted this planner were because of the pockets on the inside. Look at all of that! Card slots galore! Even a zippered compartment!

The one thing I noticed about this is that it does NOT lay flat. While my Gillio has the large pocket in the back -- it lays flat; but because of how it's constructed, the Raika does not. [Will post photos in the comparison post]

 Anyway, 5 card slots. one is a see-through one. I tried putting one of my business cards into the slots and it's quite difficult to take cards in and out of them. Maybe over time it'll loosen up a bit. 

 Secretarial pocket, lined with a black nylon. 

 Zippered pouch. It's also a bit stiff but it's not as stiff as ... the Finsbury.

 The big back pocket! Yay!

Large pen loop. It's not elasticized. 

 It does fit my Uniball Unistyle Fit (5) Multi pen though. 

 Does NOT fit my Safari LAMY pen.

 Black rings. Wish it was gold so it would match the closure, but it's okay. Hehe ^_^

The rings are interesting. It feels kind of... cheap. I really can't explain it. Also, there is a small gap in the top ring. Sadness...

THE GUTS! (hehehe)
 Clear flyleaf.

 Top tabs/dividers. Reminds me of Gillio.

Personal Information sheet. Yes, all the inserts have perforated corners. Probably why they didn't include a ruler/page marker.

 On the back of the Personal Information sheet is Important Notes.

 Includes 2013-2015 Calenders

  Month on 2 Pages: December 2013 - December 2014

 Week on 2 Pages: Last week of December 2013 - first week of January 2015

 Year Plan: 2015

 All of the diary inserts (MO2P, WO2P, Year plan, and the Calenders) had nice thick inserts. Here's a pen test on it. These are the pens I use the most (the Stabilo Mini is 1mm)

Slight bleeding on the Uniball Vision Elite pen

I was surprised that because the inserts were a bit thicker, that there was shadowing. 

 Here's another (closer?) view of the ink tests
 Shadowing :(

Now here's the strange part. All the non-diary inserts have thinner paper. In fact, they feel like the Filofax inserts.

 Important Dates

 International Holidays

International Dialing

 Birthdays and Anniversaries

 Area Codes and Time Zones
 Area Codes and Time Zones


 I really like these Project/Goal Planner inserts. I just wish they were thicker (paper weight)

 Meeting Agenda



 Daily Expenses. I really like these too, but they're thin too :(

 Contact Profile

 Address Tabs/dividers: A-Z

 There's an order form for inserts!

Order form. This is made out of the thick paper (same as the diary insets)

 The back. 

 Slot to put the pad in.

 The paper pad is pretty thick. I was quite surprised. Here's another secretarial pocket.

 Ink tests on the thinner inserts.

Not as much shadowing or bleeding as the diary inserts. Quite strange. ^_^;

I plan on using (well, I've already started) this as my blog planner. I've been wanting to blog more and I have a ton of tabs in my regular planner (and it's fat enough), so I thought using a different binder would be better :) 

What do you think of the Raika planner? I, honestly, couldn't decide if I should get this color or the Black one. Obviously, I chose this one. 


  1. I love the Raikas and have lusted after the one you just got! If you ever decide to sell it, can I be first in line?

    1. Hahha! I'll let you know if/when I decide to sell it :D And thank you about the customer service note from Raika.

  2. PS-- I've had excellent customer service from the Raika people (bought mine direct from Raikausa.com) and I bet they would gladly replace anything defective.


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