03.23.14 - GILLIO vs RAIKA

 My beauties!

These two were so similar I couldn't help but compare them :) Btw, I'm using a new camera (I told you mine was being wonky, right? So far, I love how the colors look. Photos are uneditted) 

The closure on the Raika is slightly thinner (not by much) and has a magnetic popper. It creates a "mound" as you can see in this photo. I don't know if you can tell, but the stitch holes of the Raika are slightly larger, though I kind of like the look of it. 

Size. Both of these fit personal sized inserts from Filofax. I don't know if you can tell but the rings on the Raika are a TINY bit larger (the position I was in when I took the photo, made it look wider than it actually is. I think it's only about 5mm wider] and the actual binder itself is slightly wider [so you could stuff it like mad!]

 I don't remember why I took this photo. But here's the bottom part. Oh, I remember why.... do you see that little double layer on the spine of the Raika? This plays a role soon...

 Inside of the front. 
The leathers. The scents are about the same. Can you imagine me sniffing both of them at the same time? Lol. Anyway, the Gillio is a lot floppier and the Raika is more stiff. It's not so stiff that you can barely move it. Same could be said about the card slots. The card slots in the Gillio were really easy to take things out of and put back in; but in the Raika you had to wrestle it in. 

 Remember how I said that little double layer would play a role? Because of the stiffness of the leather and that little... area... the Raika does NOT lay flat! I don't think it ever will.

 Darn youuuu! ^_^ It's okay :P I can deal with it.

 I didn't take a photo of the rings, but the rings on the Gillio feel like it could withstand some heavy duty opening and closing but the Raika... it just feels really cheap, in my opinion. 
 BIG back pocket! We love that thing! I don't know if you can tell the floppiness of the Gillio and the stiffness of the Raika in this photo. 

 The Gillio's leather also seems slightly thinner.

Inside of the back. Gillio has an elasticated pen loop and the Raika doesn't. Gillio has these 5 extra card slots in the back but I honestly haven't used them. Since the Raika is quite new, I still haven't finished setting it up. Though, it won't be a lot to set up, honestly. ^_^;

Any questions? I know this was a really short post but I really didn't know what else to compare...


  1. Great post--i have done a similar comparison, less formally. I had much the same results in my comparison. I remember that while Raika isn't aimed at the same users--it makes a nice impression never the less. The difference in leather quality explains a good part of why the prices are so much lower on the Raika.
    Fantastic post today--many thanks!

  2. Although Raikas come in only one style, there are several different leathers available. My chocolate brown one is a very smooth and soft leather and lies flat as a pancake.

    1. Ooh, which Raika did you get? When you said that you had one too,, I thought you had the same one :)


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