03.28.14 - Current Planner Family

I thought I would do a post on my current (as of today: 03.28.14) planner family. I am missing one, only because I completely forgot until I posted this photo up. As of now, I have 11 binder planners. I'm not counting my bound planners because... well, I haven't touched them since I discovered these.

Now, lets get on with this :P I'll start from left to right...
Filofax Original in Patent Black (not pictured)
A few months ago, I sold my last personal/medium sized planner and was using my compact and had a pocket size. I love the pocket size, btw. But, I wanted to write bigger, I wanted more room, etc, etc. I decided to try out the Original. I previously had the Original in A5 and one in personal but I sold them both. I really liked the Original design, even with the weird elastic holders instead of pockets. 
Right now, it's collecting dust :( It's funny because I have 3 sizes and I like using all three sizes but I'm so indecisive! I used the A5 for a bit and am currently using the Personal size; next month, I'll be using the Pocket size.

Basically, this one is here if I want to use the A5 size again.

PERSONAL/MEDIUM SIZED (photos starting from left-right):

Gillio Firenze Medium Compagna in Shiny Croco Lilac
I had sold off my Gillio and I just wanted to use the pocket sized planner again. Then, they came out with this... I was so in love with it. They only made 4 and I stayed up alllllllll night (morning?) to try and get it even though it was during the holiday season and I had a crazy work schedule during those days... but I managed to snag one! YAY!
Currently, it's my daily planner. But, as I've said above; I'll be switching because I'm so indecisive and like using different ones. 

Kikki-K in Mint.
So cute! The only thing I don't like about it is the elastic. Oh well. It's currently my online store's planner. It's been awhile and when I've had some spare time, I've been re-vamping it: new sections, new dividers, etc. Once it's finally complete, I'll post it up. I know I keep saying I'll do a post on it, it's just not ready yet as I've had to re-do everything and try to figure out what inserts/sections/etc that I'll need.

Raika Planner in Bone.
My newest planner. I'm using it right now as my blog planner. It's probably going to stay pretty simple. I'm keeping the original inserts and using those including the tabs and dividers. Though I'll probably change the labels...

Calipso in Bright Blue
I'm in love with this planner. I wish Filofax made it a personal size. I plan on using (starting in April) this as a log. All it has are custom inserts that I made: MO2P (month on 2 pages). I'll be keeping track of:
Incoming transactions (online store)
Outgoing transactions (Daily Totals only)
Social events
INDIE SALES (I'm a lover of Indie Beauty Products)

Back to School in Green.
This is the oldest planner I have. Currently, it's holding blank note sheets from KiddyQualia. But I was thinking of making this an inventory log. Like I said above, I'm a lover of Indie Beauty Products. I'm thinking of just keeping an inventory of all I've had so I don't purchase duplicates. I also plan on using this as a log for stationery/book/music/etc items. I only had this idea a few hours ago so once I'm bored, I'll probably set it up...

Whew! I started out with the Pocket size. I still really love it. 

Bloomsbury in Pink 
I was looking for another Pocket sized planner and found this one (and another) on eBay. I placed a bid on three different Filofaxes and lost one. I didn't think I would win this because I only bid the starting price. But I won (along with the other one. Whoops! :P Oh well, more for me!). I'm not much of a pink person but this was screaming out to me. 
Currently using this as a sketchbook, kind of. I miss drawing comics. I had planned on doing Daily Comics again, but... it's just too hard. So, it's going to be my "Draw a Comic whenever you feel like it!". There are 3 dividers in there: "Draw a Comic whenever...", "i+t comic" [comic based on my mascots for my online store], and Ideas for Illustrations. 

Charleston in Purple
Oh, how I love this planner. I wish this also came out in a personal size. Currently, it's housing my DO2P inserts from diyFish. I'll be switching to the pocket size for three months: April - June

APEX in Pink
This is my oldest pocket sized planner. I love that it has big rings. All of the other pocket sized ones I have, don't. Which is really saddening. That's why I went on Ebay and bid on the Bloomsbury and the other one I'll be mentioning. I wanted them to have big rings so I could use my DO2P inserts. But, sadly, they didn't have the big rings.
It's, currently, housing most of my pocket sized inserts and dividers. 

DORSET in Black
I think this planner is so lovely. It's black on the outside and a nude color on the inside. It looks and feels so sleek! Anyway, this was the other Ebay bid that I won, but didn't expect to win. It's okay, I really love it. It's currently holding my May diyFish DO2P inserts. In May, I plan on switching to this :)

and last but definitely not least...

Planner from KIKOSATTIC
I can't even tell you how beautiful this planner is. AND IT'S HANDMADE!! That's the best part! Right now, it's holding my finance logs. It used to be my go to pocket planner, but now I have all of the others... 

Anyway, whew! You would think I wouldn't want any more with how many I have. But I do... I want more! There are a few I've been eyeing like mad from the Spring Collection. Who knows, maybe this family will shrink or expand :)


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