03.30.14 - What's in my Bag?

The bag I'm using is the Michael Kors Jet Set Small Travel Satchel. What a long name! It's new, actually. I wanted to get a small bag because most of my bags are large. This is one pretty small and oh so cute! They had the Saffiano leather ones, but they were about $40 more expensive and because of how structured and stiff they were, it couldn't hold as much. So I chose this one. It's kind of funny how prints/colors can affect how a bag design will look. I actually think this looks better than the plain solid colors. 

And if you know me, I really don't like logo prints. But like I said, the print on it and the fact that it can hold more than the others was the deal breaker.

This is the back. I don't know why I took this photo, since it's the exact same thing lol.

Of course when you have a smaller bag, you need to carry less. 

All that's in my bag. Not much, but surprised it could even fit these things.

Tory Burch wallet. Oh, how I saved for this wallet! I think I love this wallet for two reasons: the leather is DIVINE! And yes, it's a gorgeous Saffiano leather. The other reason is the size of it. It's not a small wallet and it's not a big wallet. Plus, I put all my cards in there, a butt ton of change, and it's still pretty compact; whereas some wallets bulge like nobody's business!

My pocket sized Filofax Charleston in Purple. It's so cute. I'm starting to use my pocket sized planners again. 
Isn't it so cute? :D

My iPod Classic with the portable speaker. My iPod is starting to die :( But I can't bear to part with it...

A little pill case that my friend got for me. I get headaches a lot so I put aspirin/pain killers in here.

\Well, that's all that I keep in this bag. It's so cute. When I saw it, I literally squealed! Hehehe.


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