WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.03.14 - 03.09.14

 Planner: Gillio Firenze Shiny Croco in Lilac
Pens: Various

Still have no idea what to fill in these sections... Give me a clue? :)

 Left is work schedule for the week. The one on the right is what I should do. But I didn't really look at it...

 Yep, still using sticky notes for decorating. I also used my masking tape stickers instead of my washi tape for the next few pages. 

This week, I spent a lot of time packing orders and shipping them. I also held a contest in my Facebook Group and posted the results for the winners. [Yep, there were prizes]

 I was distracted and couldn't finish filling out my planner. Oh well. ^_^;;

 Bunnies! My schedule is weird again this week. Luckily, it'll stay the same for the next few weeks because the one that made the schedule (not my manager) said she didn't want to switch our schedules around. So, YAY! A steady schedule for a few weeks!

 I didn't feel like decorating (as you can see). This day was a pointless work day. Because I'm scheduled for Audit on Saturday, the audit manager put me in the system as an Audit Associate (we have different job codes and can work in certain computer systems) and it takes 24 hours to process. I guess she didn't realize I worked on Friday... so I did nothing at work, basically. I couldn't password, look up invoices, etc. 

 Double the amount of money for mom only because I didn't give her the $ last week. The washi tape over the sticky notes were because I thought you could see my writing on the dark sticky notes...NOPE! Washi tape it is!

I made new dividers for my store's planner. YAY! I'm still working on the planner right now. So, once it's done, I'll do a new setup post.

Didn't do a lot of these...but I blame the weather. It's very gloomy and I just didn't want to do anything ^_^;


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