WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.24.14 - 03.30.14

  Planner: Gillio Firenze Shiny Croco in Lilac & Filofax (Pocket) Charleston in Purple
Pens: Various

This week is the start of my crazy week. My subscription cycle started on the 26th. The next few days I was working on last minute things and I had to wait for one more item for the subscription. Luckily, it did arrive on time.

 More preparations for the subscription. I had one more day before the cycle starts.

 Because of how crazy it gets the next few days, I didn't really decorate much...

 I had a PTO (Paid Day Off) this day. I didn't really know what to do. I just knew that I needed white shirts (for work. Stupid dress codes :( And omg, why aren't there any white shirts!?), so I went to the mall. I wanted to use some coupons but like I said I couldn't find anything...

 Had a day off on this day. I spent most of the day packing up orders and subscriptions.

 I found out that my grandpa wasn't doing too well after the surgery he had last week. My mom is probably staying for another month (?). My brother told me she bought a monthly bus pass. She's already been there for three weeks. My dad went to visit today. I was stuck at work.

Since I had purchased April-June diyFish inserts, I wanted to use my pocket planner again. Instead of continuing today with the personal size, I made a hand-drawn insert with some of the diyFish blank inserts to make it look like the inserts I purchased. I like how this page came out.

I think after I use the pocket size, I'll transition on over to A5 again. ^_^; I like switching it up. Makes me not bored... Anyway, gotta go pack up orders


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