WEEK(s) in Review: 02.17.14 - 03.02.14

Planner: Gillio Firenze Shiny Croco in Lilac
Pens: Various

*sigh* Another late post ;(

 I don't know why I stopped writing my work schedule on these inserts. Surprisingly, I haven't been late at all :P I had a sale on Valentine's Day and that's what I had been doing for the next few days.

 My schedule was different again. Opening shifts, closing shifts, opening, etc. 

The "What to do tomorrow?" is because I have a paid personal day the next day and still hadn't figured out what to do :P

 At the last minute, though, I asked one of my friends to hang out. When I say last minute, I mean an hour before we met up :P We had sushi for lunch, we dropped by the art supply store which was directly next door, we went to Hobby Lobby. It was fun :)

 Back to work!

I didn't feel like decorating the next few days. Actually, I didn't even write anything for Sunday. Which is why I didn't include a photo. 

My brother came over to visit. On Saturday, I had to work. My parents had to work too so they weren't home. My brother was bored out of his mind :P On Sunday though, we all had our days off [their schedule is as constantly different like mine!]

My dad treated us to Dim Sum, then we went to Costco because we needed some essentials, and we met up with my aunt, uncle, and cousin for dinner afterwards. Let's just say this day was a food filled day. O_O

 I started using my colorful pens again. I kinda missed them. This current week, I was mostly stuck in the Audit Department. I believe it's because my manager was preparing for our inspection that was coming up and prepping our Sup #1 (top ranking supervisor; I'm 2nd) because our manager was going on vacation for a month! >__>; 
 A lot of last minute preparation for my subscriptions. Mostly because some of the companies I purchased supplies from came in late :(

hehehe...boring non-decorating day.

 This week, this was my day off. I went all out on decorating. I noticed that I have a bunch of sticky notes and don't use them much. Sure, every now and then...So I decided that I didn't want them to go to waste! I think they look nice like this :D I especially love this page

 I don't really do anything by theme, but because of these sticky notes... I really wanted to TRY. 

 This will be the last time you'll see these sticky notes (the ones on the right) because I gave them to my friend. 
I think I went a little overboard with this page. LOL!

Oh! I decided to subscribe to Nature Box. I did it last week and I received my first box. So far, I love it! :D Delicious! That was just random. Lol.

Sorry for all the editted out information. Lots of personal information and stuff for my subscription on these pages.


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