WEEK(s) IN REVIEW [plus]: 03.10.14 - 03.23.14

  Planner: Gillio Firenze Shiny Croco in Lilac
Pens: Various

What do you guys use this section for? I've been trying to figure it out...

 I've been inspired to work on my Paradise Kiss inspired collection. Whenever I want to do a new collection, I have to draw the art for it. It takes longer to do than to make the actual colors. Also, I've been preparing for the April subscription. I really should do everything ahead of time, but... it just doesn't work out that way.

 >_>; I need new work pants. They're all tearing. Actually, during this week, I kind of went on an online clothes shopping spree. I purchased from: Lane Bryant, Deb Store, and Modcloth. I went in person to the freestanding Lane Bryant store near my house. I found two pairs of black pants. Unfortunately, no white shirts...

 My pages were very plain this week. I just didn't feel like decorating...

 I did work on a special request for someone. It's actually due in early May but I wanted to get it out of the way or I'd get myself really mad about it. Lol. I'm the type of person that HAS to finish something. I blocked it out along with the subscription things because I know some of that company's customers and my own subscription customers read these posts.... ^_^; What's the point of a surprise?

 Yep...see? Boring!
There was a sale at my work on a camera and a cellphone. I've been having trouble with my camera and my phone so I purchased both of them. The camera, I used for all of these posts' photos (except for the PTO thing). Still getting the hang of it...don't mind some of the blurry photos and crappy lighting. 

As for the phone...
 Promptly returned the phone the next day! Ugh! It ate my SIM card so I had to get a NEW sim card! I was not happy :(

 My parents went to San Francisco this day. My brother texts me that my grandpa is in the hospital. He had collapsed. They stayed overnight and my Dad came back on Monday. My Dad said that they had visited him when they first arrived and he looked really pale and sick but my grandpa insisted he was fine. A few hours later, I guess my parents bought something for him and called him but there was no answer which was strange. My Dad had a key to his place so they went in and found him collapsed on the floor. They called him an ambulance. 

 Sorry for the blurry photo. :(
Anyway, we found out my grandpa has intestinal cancer on this day. I was so sad :(

 The next few days were a daze...

 On this day, I had a PTO (Personal Time Off <--Paid). Because of how I had been feeling lately, I kind of went on a shopping spree. So sad... To make myself feel a bit better, I've been drawing. 

I had been reading Johnny Wander comics and sometimes they do an hourly comic. I thought it looked fun so I did one (kind of) for my day... TAA DAA!

I had fun with it :)

 These sticky notes are so cute. I got them at Barnes and Noble. Starting on this day until well...yesterday, I had horrible days. Mostly because on Thursday, I have a closing shift...

On Friday, an opening shift. I used to have that shift all the time. Close the night before and open the next day. But it used to be (the opening) a weekend which meant we opened an hour later. But nope, it had to be on a Friday. I had NO sleep! I ended up super hyped up on caffeine.

Saturday, I didn't even work on my planner which is why that page is missing. I had an opening shift also and I was just deathly tired. They've changed my schedule again. So much for my regular shift ;__; At least I won't be useless on Fridays any more because that's my day off now. I hope. I don't know. They'll probably change it again. 

RAINBOW! My dad went to SF today to visit my family. I didn't go because my grandpa had surgery a few days ago and he can't speak, eat, or drink. They told me next time. My dad dropped off some clothes for my mom since she'll be staying for a bit. 

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what I'll be doing on Thursday because I have another PTO. YAY!


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