04.06.14 - What's in my Bag?

BAG: Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Satchel in Mint [You know I love my Mints!]

I'm in love with this bag. Not because of the color. I love the leather, it's soft and... beautiful. It's not heavy either. It's also a great size. The handles don't hurt my arm either. Most of the time bags that come with a cross body strap and the top handles... I use the cross body because the top handles hurt my arm. But these are squishy, soft, and are very comfortable. Did I mention that they're detachable too? Great!

Now, let's start!
There's a hidden pocket (well, I call it hidden because I didn't know it was there until recently. Lol. The only thing in there are the labels that came with the bag. I bought this when it was on clearance.

Here's the other hidden pocket. 

My lipbalm. I love this one! I have one in lemon too but I like the mint one more. 

My little pouch that contains: A micro USB cable (what? I don't even...), earbuds, and my Mail box key

On both sides of the bag there are these two side pocket thingers. I don't have anything in them. Lol.

The main compartment.

In the front two cellphone-sized pockets, I have two pens.

I have my: Pocket Filofax Bloomsbury in Pink and a Cash Planner

The Bloomsbury, I use to draw comics about my day. I don't do it often, but when I get the urge to draw...

Here are some blank pages of the Cash Planner. 

I have my Kindle Fire and my Compact Filofax Back to School

Look how glittery the case is!!! I got it at Target for $5! 

Whoops, accidentally deleted the Back to School photo. Basically it's holding a bunch of notepaper from KiddyQualiaI'm basically using it for jotting down notes or thoughts or...whatever I feel like :)

My pocket Filofax Charleston in Purple and my Tory Burch wallet.

Why do I have so many Filofaxes in my bag!? Lol! Well you already know the reasons for the Bloomsbury and the Back to School. The reason for the Charleston is....

I purchased a pocket Amazona from one of the Filofax selling groups on Facebook (honestly, don't remember which one it was) and it just arrived a few days ago. I switched into the Amazona right when I got it and left the Charleston in my bag. So, that's why it's there. It's just still in my bag, randomly. Lol.

Honestly, if they made the Charleston with 19mm rings (for pocket) and a personal sized one, I think it would be my dream planner. I like it more than my Calipso or my Gillio. The reason I switched out of the the Charleston so quickly is because I use diyFish inserts and it's 2 Pages Per Day. It makes it really difficult to turn the pages because the rings are only 15mm. I can barely fit a month's worth of inserts in there. 

The last things in my bag are: Japanese gum I purchased from the Asian market a few days ago and some blotting sheets from Sephora


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