March 2014 Favorites

I thought I would start doing a Monthly Favorites post. Sometimes it's interesting to see what you're obsessing over for the month.

 This was a surprise favorite. I received this perfume sample from Sephora a year ago and forgot about it until I was re-organizing my room. I took a whiff of it and fell in love. Versace Bright Crystal. It ind of smells like the original Chloe perfume but this is a lot lighter. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't last very long, so that makes me quite sad. The bottle of this sample is super cute too.

Another perfume. This time from an indie company. Black Violet. I have a really hard time finding scents that I'd love and won't give me a headache. When Black Violet first opened and I read the description on Red Lotus, I knew that I needed it. One of my favorite fruits is lychee. And this smells just like it plus it doesn't give me a headache. It lasts a long time (on me) and...I just really love this! I can't even explain how much I love this and Black Violet

 An eyeshadow I've been wearing a lot is actually my own. This is a special edition color I made for a gift with purchase for Black Violet's special. 
 Bottom of the label...
 The color. It's a neutral medium brown with a green and gold duochrome.

 My go to lip balm. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Natural Mint. Love this stuff!

I don't have a photo of it since it's actually at my work. I use this Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry (smells so delicious! Like strawberry jam!) a lot! Not only do I love the scent but the actual product is very nice. It doesn't irritate my hands (I have sensitive hands) and it's very moisturizing. 

The other items I have in the first photo, my mechanical pencil (just any pencil in general, I guess) and my Filofax. My Filofax is my lifesaver! It helps me organize my life and my online store. (Mostly the latter ;P). 

As for the pencil, you might think it's strange for me to include a pencil but I'm not a big fan of pencils when it comes to writing things. The only time I would use a pencil was to draw but I've been using a pencil for many things. Especially when it comes to packing up my orders. I would label everybody's orders in pencil. It's been helping me a lot ;P and that's why I'm including it in my favorites.

Well, that's all for this month's favorites. What're yours?


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