MEMEBOX - Superbox #2

I'm going to try and do a post on my phone on this. Who knows how it'll be :P

I heard about the Meme Boxes from AAltura Beauty on YouTube and wanted to check it out.  If you've followed me for awhile, you know that I like Asian beauty products. I thought it would be an interesting box to try out. 

It's a monthly box but it's not a monthly-automatic-recurring payment box. They post new boxes on their site to purchase and sometimes they'll bring back previous boxes because of how popular they were. 

They have a few different boxes: the regular meme box, lucky boxes, and super boxes. 

I believe the regular boxes are favorite items from the meme boxes, sometimes they even special one brand boxes like the Etude Box, recently. 

Superboxes are all skincare or all makeup items. This particular one was all makeup. 

Enough Of my super long intro. If you'd like more information or where to purchase here's the link :

I accidentally deleted ththirst few photos and don't know how to undo it on my phone. But it's how it was packaged plus the card that shows what's in the box. 



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