WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.31.14 - 04.06.14

PLANNER: Filofax Amazona in Almond  [Pocket sized]

These inserts are quite different from the LMI v02.1, which I liked a lot better. But it's okay. I didn't know what to write in the weekly section, so I did what I did in my previous ones. Work schedule. 

As you can see, I was on vacation this week...kind of. They gave me a split vacation. I guess we didn't have enough people to work on Saturday and they begged me to work. 

On Monday, I had to work. They gave me a closing shift. So sad. But it's okay, at least I didn't close by myself. It was actually an easy day. It was slow and the day flew by fast. Shipped out a bunch of orders... I was also writing notes to see what I should do for my vacation... 

Sometimes I have a lot of things to write down (tasks) and sometimes I have nothing. I like using the blank page to use for notes. If no notes, doodles, etc. 

These stickers I purchased from Michaels. The tape runner was purchased from Daiso the last time I was there. The sticky note... I'm not really sure, honestly.

The start of my vacation. The weather was absolutely terrible. It was raining really heavily, the wind was whipping about. It broke my umbrella and I had to get a new one.

This was how my day went: 
Had breakfast at Denny's
Went to Nordstrom Rack, found a white shirt. [I'm completely out of white shirts. That's what we have to wear at work ;( ], went to Barnes & Noble just to look around. Then, I wandered the mall. I never go into Macy's but I think I just wanted to kill some time. So I got a foundation match for Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation and found some white shirts! Yay! Wandered around some more, got bored and went to the movie theater and watched NONSTOP

Then, I went home. >_>; I finished pencilling my Ophelia drawing. Yay! Also, I decided to start using my weather stickers. They're so cute and tiny. I love them :D 

On the right side pages, if you see me writing down dates; those are for my subscriptions that I need to pack up orders for. They're editted out because it's personal information :P
Spent this day at home. I had to go grocery shopping. Went to the Asian Market and did my laundry. Honestly, I have no idea what else I did this day. Lol. Totally forgot.

Went grocery shopping again. Had a bunch of errands to run for my Dad. 

Heheh! More colorful. I missed using my neon pens. So I started using them again. Also, tried using the times. I don't think I can get used to it. Lol. But I'll try because I don't like leaving that column blank.

Had to work again. Wasn't very inspired to decorate these pages.... Work was very tiring this day :( 

Lots of stuff to do. Ahhhhhhhh! Most of it is done though. I took these photos in the morning, lol. So nothing was checked off. Feeling productive! Yay!


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