06.10.14 - Filofax: Very simple Pocket setup

My first Filofax was a Pocket sized Finsbury in Antique Rose. I purchased it a year ago. I thought that the pocket size was enough for me. Apparently that wasn't true since at this moment, I have pocket sized, personal sized, and an A5 planner. 

Yet, I constantly go back. I'm extremely indecisive about what size or which one to use. So I decided to switch off every 3 months. June will be the last month in my pocket size before I switch to an A5. 

I was in love with the Patent Filofax line but they were constantly sold out on the FilofaxUSA site. I was super happy to see that someone was selling it on one of the selling pages on Facebook. I snatched it up. I really wanted this one because it has 19mm rings. The other pocket sized ones I have only have 15 mm rings.

Isn't she a beauty?

Now, onto my extremely simple setup!

The inside secretarial pocket is holding my work schedule for the week. I do write down my schedule but I keep the whole schedule because I want to see who else works that day with me.

After the sparkly divder, I have a printable from Lucy Wonderland. I keep important dates/events in here. I just keep one month in here.

I use a bookmark I made and this separates the monthly inserts to the WO2P inserts. I planned on using these for jotting down about my day. Honestly, I haven't started yet...but I just received this so... :P

After the Filofax WO2P inserts is the start of my planner. I use diyFish's LMIv02 B inserts. (2PO1D : 2 pages on 1 day)

I don't use the insert you see on the right side since I haven't figured out what to use it for...

But I have figured out what to use the monthly insert for. Bill tracker!

After the bill tracker is for my store. It's for my monthly subscription and is a  list of subscribers and which subscription they purchased. It's not a final list because there never is one. I write down the names as their recurring payments go through so I know who I owe packages to. As of today, this list is finished. YAY!

The next inserts are the weekly and daily ones. This is the weekly one. This is where I write down my work schedule... and if there are any notes... but nothing so far :P

My daily inserts...

Another week's inserts...
Another Daily one...

After the planner inserts are regular Filofax note paper/to-do list inserts.

Last, I keep some weather stickers in here... I do sometimes like to keep track of the weather.... :P

Simple setup right?

Btw, the sticky note you see hanging out at the top is where I wrote notes for my July subscription. On what I would like to have...


  1. Looks like you've come up with a plan that works for you. Good job!

    1. Thank you :D It took awhile to figure out especially since most of the pocket ones I had have such small rings. But this works well for me :D


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