WEEK in REVIEW: 06.09.14 - 06.15.14

 It's been awhile, no? I've just been busy. Honestly, I haven't decorated my planner much or even used it. I'm trying to start using it again. I've been kind of lost without it. Plus, it's relaxing when I decorate, even if it's minimal...

PLANNER: Filofax Patent (Pocket) in Duck Eggs (oh so cute!)

New schedule to get used to again. I have this box I keep some of my washi tape in. Honestly, I don't have a lot. So I was rediscovering them... I think this tape (above) was from a giveaway that I won on Instagram. This week, I was working on my subscriptions and trying super hard to finish them!

I started using the right side page for reminders of upcoming...dates or "deadlines". 

Blurred out info is important/private information that I have to blur out. It involves a lot of my subscriptions [Notes from customers and etc]

 More subscription things to work on...

MOPAR = Corporate office visit at my work. Thank goodness it was cancelled!

I was happy it was cancelled because I was stuck in Audit. The Audit manager went on vacation (lucky her) and I still don't know 100% of everything in Audit. So I was quite nervous.... I wonder when they're going to train me the rest of the things...

On the IndieMakeupandMore Reddit, there were people that were constantly looking for an indie dupe of Laura Mercier's African Violet eyeshadow color. I was bored because I had FINALLY finished ALLL (YAY!!!!) my subscriptions and I wanted something to do. I tried to dupe it.

It was a nightmare... I had made so many different versions and only one was very close but the duochrome was off a bit.   
 I ended up keeping all the colors. I thought they were super beautiful anyway and I thought it would be fun to make a mini collection from it because of how many versions of it I had. I decided to make 3 more colors that didn't have the same base (since 4 of them were very similar in the base). I decided to use an old drawing I did in January as the collection's art.

I decided to have it be inspired by Sultry Singers/Music. I can't explain. If you look up all the names (that I named of the colors I made), it's all musically inspired. The reason I chose this was because I had a song stuck in my head. It's by Nightwish "Slow, Love, Slow". It was stuck in my head for DAYS! And I thought of lounge singers... etc...

I was working on ingredient listings for it yesterday (after work, obviously). 

Today, I'm just tired because I had to stay later for work because it was really busy and we were really short people ;( When I came home, all I wanted to do was collapse. Lol.

Well, that's how my week was. Not much... Lol


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