WEEK IN REVIEW: 06.16.14 - 06.22.14

PLANNER: Filofax Patent (Pocket) in Duck Eggs (oh so cute!)

Since I had finished up most of my subscriptions, I didn't have much to do. You'll see in the upcoming pages that the second page (on the right) was mostly blank. 

 I did have to prepare for next month's subscriptions (mostly photos) and some new colors I had to do. I also wanted to use my glitter tape this week. I had found my box of washi tape/glitter tape... I feel like I don't have as many as other people but I can't seem to buy any more. 

On this day, I had to do a few things for my dad, but mostly had to work on my store items. I had planned on selling one of my cameras and didn't think it would sell (honestly). It sold in 5 minutes! I was super happy and surprised. ^_^;

Did I mention I'm using a new camera? The one I sold is an old one. I plan on selling my SLR too... I just don't use it any more...

Friday-today (Sunday), I've been really really tired. Work has been extremely hectic so when I get home I honestly don't want to do anything.

Because I had some extra money, I decided it was finally time to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I had wanted it since it first came out. The phone I had has issues [Samsung Galaxy S4] ever since I got it. It's been really stupid lately and randomly dialing people EVEN IN FRONT OF ME and I'm not touching it.

The store I work at, they had a sale. Not for the T-Mobile (that's the carrier I'm with) locked one; but an actual unlocked one. It was $100 cheaper than the carrier locked version. 

I admit, it's ginormous! Nothing to get used to (except the size) since it's practically the same as my S4. I do want to get an art program and draw on it. Is that weird? I'll have to check out the apps...

I haven't finished this list. 

I don't know why I don't check off most of the things that I've completed. I like seeing a check next to a completed task; but I still don't do it. Lol! I'm weird. ^__^;


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