Winchester Mystery House and other things

It's been a long time since I posted. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago; I took a week (paid YAY!) vacation during my birthday week. I always do, actually. I didn't do much except watch a bunch of movies, went shopping a bit... and some other things.

I had plans to do a dinner thing with a bunch of my co-workers but we couldn't figure out a time. The time we wanted was after work on a Sunday because our store closed earlier. Lucky me (sarcasm here), they decided to change the Sunday closing hours recently... so the place I wanted to go to dinner was closed during that time. 

I tried finding a different time or a place; but I decided it was just too much hassle. 

One of my friends said that we should still do something. While we were at work, we were discussing things and I said I had always wanted to go to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, Ca.  Well, we decided that that was what we were going to do! One of my other co-workers overheard and kind of decided to join us. It's okay though because we got along with her. Lol

We met up that Tuesday (May 27th) at 8am. April was driving since my car and Jenn's car kind of...well... sucks! Lol. It was about a 2 hour drive.

We were about 30 minutes away when we were exclaiming that we were hungry. April saw a Krispy Kreme and we decided to go. We were at standstill traffic. Suddenly, the Mission Impossible theme music popped up on April's Pandora and she maneuvered her car wayyyyyyy off until we got off the exit. We were surprised at how she did it since we were all the way on the left lane. Must've been the music. It was quite funny. Lol.

It was my first time at Krispy Kreme. It was an interesting experience. We ordered half a dozen (2 donuts each person) and had them before we took off again.

April looking super giddy at having her donut

Jenn being silly :P

Jenn told me that I HAVE to wear this hat because it's my birthday hat. She put one on too...

April didn't want to be left out...

Back on the road... we got lost a bit but we eventually found it. Yay! First impressions, the outside of the house looks so much smaller than I had thought. But it's still pretty big. Just smaller... :P~

Me taking a pic of April taking a pic of one of the plaques..

You'll see that most of the photos are outdoor photos. We weren't allowed to take any photos of the interior. Quite sad.

It's still a very beautiful house :)

The house is pretty strange but after hearing the history and all that... it did make some sense that some things were built the way they were. Though, I'm not talking about the stairs that lead to the ceiling or the doors that open into walls. Nope, those are just strange. Lol.

The door that led to nowhere...

There was an obsession with the number 13 in the house. 

Anyway, I'm pretty good at directions but when I went into this house; I lost all sense of direction. It's a good thing we had a tour guide. Lol. There were so many different doors and stairs and etc... I wonder how long it took the tour guides to memorize their routes. 

Taking a break...
April is always happy about something. Lol.

The beautiful front door...

Before we left, Jenn saw this. Someone had written in the dust "LEAVE" Lol... kind of creepy :D

If you ever get a chance to go you should definitely go. We did the Mansion Tour and the Behind the Scenes tour. Honestly, the Mansion Tour was the better tour. Behind the Scenes was kind of boring but we did enter some places that weren't allowed to visitors. Our tour guides were really cool ^_^ and they made it fun. 

My favorite part of the house was when we were on the 3rd floor and we had to walk DOWN to the 4th floor! <--Yes, you read right! ^_^; 

We left San Jose, and decided to head to San Francisco for our dinner. We were starving. So we went to Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 where we had dinner. After we ate, we wandered around Pier 39. 

During our car ride home, we played word games. Lol. This is a really short post on the Winchester Mystery House. Honestly, I think it's better if you just go there yourself. I can't explain it's oddities but really... it's fascinating. 

I didn't do much on my birthday. Actually, I didn't do anything at all. I did a little shopping which I'll probably do a haul post on soon. 

A few days later, I heard that one of my co-workers quit unexpectedly. Only a few people were invited to her farewell dinner. Though to be honest, she did it at the last minute. We were supposed to meet up at Applebee's at 930pm. A few of us were there, but most of the people arrived an hour late. Including the person that was quitting. *sigh* 
The only photo I took with. Sandy (on the left) with Ana (on the right). Ana was hired during the holiday season and she had quit months ago. But she was at the farewell dinner

Anyway, when me and the people that arrived on time said that we were gonna go home...that was when all the cameras and phones came out. They wanted to take photos. As you can see, I only have one photo. As we were moving into position, someone walked into me; bumped into my shoulder and my camera went FLYING! It hit the table really hard then hit the table leg really hard.

My camera died that night -_-;. I really loved that camera. It was amazing! R.I.P. Panasonic DMC-SZ7. This camera is what I use to take photos of my products... Oh well...

Anyway, that's it for now. It's a really short post but it's been awhile already... 


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