07.01.14 - Notoriously Morbid's Vanishing Cabinet: Calling Corners

 After long stressful weeks and a really shitty work day ['scuse the language]; I was extremely happy to receive my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet: Calling Corners Collection. Whew! That was long. 

The Vanishing Cabinet collections are monthly small collections and are limited edition only. When she posted previews of the colors and what the theme is based on, I had to have it. 

Most fan-based themes I don't really get. But I understood this one. This one is based on THE CRAFT movie which I lovedddddd when I was in high school! When I heard that the set was almost sold out, I wanted to cry. But I did manage to snag one (as you can see here). YAY!

[Everything is swatched over UDPP and under an LED light]

 It arrived packaged in this cute paper bag which, as you can see, I ripped open. I tried taping it back just for this post >__>; I failed. I'm sorry. I was overly excited.

Here are some of the "literature" that was included. Invoice (not shown), business cards from Notoriously Morbid and Black Violet (LOOOVE!), and a small note.  

 Here's the note ^_^

NOT SHOWN: Black Violet body butter sample of "Chalice". One of my co-workers sniffed it and stole it from me! Ahhhhh! It's okay though. Lol. I told her the awesome magic that is Black Violet.

Also not shown, a lip gloss. My friend stole this from me too LOL

 Here's the main box of goodies. AHHHHH! <--excited, much?

TAA DAA! Okay, that one jar that's sideways is going to bug me. I didn't realize it was sideways until now.

Fire & Feeling 
 Fire & Feeling

 Water & Intuition
 Water & Intuition

 L-R: Fire & Feeling ; Water & Intuition

  L-R: Fire & Feeling - Burnt orange with a red duochrome
Water & Intuition - Medium blue with a green duochrome [hard to photograph :( ]

 Mother & Earth
 Mother & Earth

 Air & Invention
 Air & Invention

 L-R: Mother & Earth ; Air & Invention
  L-R: Mother & Earth - Charcoal with a ton of golden shimmers; copper and red sparkles
 Air & Invention - Pale blue with a metallic white cast

Photos blurred on purpose to show the shimmers and sparkles

 What's this? I dunno but that skull sticker is stupidly cute :D

 Yay! Samples!
L-R:  Hearts of Black Lace and Bad Juju
 L-R:  Hearts of Black Lace and Bad Juju
 L-R:  Hearts of Black Lace - Deep violet that has a shift of red, gold, and purple [you can see in the photos YAY!]
Bad Juju - Brick red with a strong violet duochrome

Four more samples from the Sealed Judgement Collection
L-R: War and Conquest
 L-R: War and Conquest
 L-R: War [This photo is more true to color than the above one] - Terracotta with a satin finish
Conquest - Matte white

 L-R: Pale Rider and Famine
 L-R: Pale Rider and Famine 
 L-R: Pale Rider - Matte grayish lavender. People who know me, know that I love any colors that have a gray undertone to them. So I must say, I'm in LOVE with this color.

Famine - Semi-matte black. It's not exactly matte but it does have a very subtle sheen to it. 

I hadn't tried Notoriously Morbid's products in awhile and definitely have not experienced their matte or semi-matte formulas. I must say I really do love them. They're creamy and smooth and blend very easily. The only one I had a problem with was Conquest. It was just a bit chalky. 

I really enjoyed this monthly set and wish and hope *cough* *cough* *stares at Notoriously Morbid creepily* that they'll do a recurring subscription so I don't have to scramble to get one ;P


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