07.01.14 - Updated Online Store Planner

Almost a year ago, I did a post about my online store's planner, but I never had a chance to finish setting it up. The truth is... my store grew... a lot! But I believe it mostly had to do with my subscriptions. Because of this, I had to change my sections and this is what I have and I think (as of now :P) it's going to work for me. 

 PLANNER: Filofax "the Original" in Patent Nude

 Whatever happened to my mint Kikki-K? I sold it a few months ago. I kind of went on a planner purge, but that doesn't last very long. I had been eyeing the Nude Original since I first saw photos of it and as you can see, I purchased it and I decided that it'll be my i+t planner

I re-did my divders and tabs. You'll see some of the same images since I decided that I wanted to keep the Kira Imai artwork because it's just so beautiful. And yes, I'm using the same "cover page" because it's my favorite.

Instead of typing the tabs in, I just added washi tape and wrote on them. It's easier to switch them out that way. 

 Before I had 3 top tabs but I have one top tab this time, as you can see... it's for the biggest section which is for my subscriptions.

In my previous version, I had a section dedicated to tracking numbers and invoices. I took that out because of how many orders I've been receiving (including the subscriptions). I used to drop by the post office and pay and ship packages from there. As my orders and subscriptions increased, I had to start printing out postage from home. The program I use emails the tracking numbers to the customers so I don't have to keep track of them any more. I mainly kept track of it in case I forgot to email the tracking numbers to my customers. 

I took out my Diary section because I decided to include that into my Finance Log. [Will do a future post on that]. Anyway, I need to stop babbling...

 Tabs from L-R: Regular Line, Collection, Ideas, Labels, Suppliers, and Waiting List

 Isn't this beautiful?

Here's the first divider. Regular Line

 A list of all of my regular line colors (so far, eyeshadows. If you didn't know; I make mineral eyeshadows and blushes). 

 Collection - Honestly, I haven't put anything there yet because I haven't figured out how I'm going to list everything. [Typed? Written? By Date? etc]

 I have a few sheets of ideas (but I'm just showing the first page). I know a few of my customers check out my blog... so I don't want to spoil it for them ^_-

 I honestly love this section. It's an inventory of all the labels/label art I've made / has been made for my store. The only one I'm missing is the first one I ever made... ;( 
 It's like a sticker book! Hehehe!
 For those who subscribe to me, here's the July 2014 subscription label. 

 Here's the section that'll be used the most: Subscription
 I made inserts for myself to help me organize my subscription ideas. Here's what the inserts look like. And no, I haven't figured out how to print it on both sides of the paper (since it's a new printer). It's also a checklist on things I need to get done for the subscription.
 Here are examples of how I've used them. March 2014 Subscription
 April 2014 Subscription
 May 2014 subscription ...kind of. This was kind of when I fell off track with using my planners... (it lasted for a month! NEVER AGAIN! :P)
 August 2014 - Yeah, like I'm going to show you what I'm planning for next month. Lol.

 I made this random divider by using an extra flyleaf I had and sticking on these sticky notes and taping over it (3 times) because I don't have a laminator and I wanted to use it as a tab. 

Basically this separates the subscription section from what needs to be done to what already has been done. 
 What I mean is, it holds the price range & notes for my subscriptions
 And lists of every color I've made for the subscriptions and which indie companies I used for each month for bonus items.

 Mainly a list of all the indie companies that participate in my subscriptions. I need to update this list since I've found a few more recently. 

The next page (which I don't show) is a list of coupon codes for me to use especially for purchasing for my subscriptions.
 Waiting List - This is a new section. Every month, my subscriptions sell out SUPER FAST! I decided to create an UNOFFICIAL waiting list. 
 I made an insert for it.
 It lists the month/year it's for, space for their names, where they've contacted me from, and what sizes they want. 

I included how they've contacted me because my customers frequent many social media type places (as do I, which is how I "advertise" and interact with people). It's easier to notate how they've contacted me than to search through all my emails or messages from FB or Reddit or etc. 
 Here's an example of how it's being used...I thought it would be easier to see if I colored in the boxes than if I put a "check" in the boxes.

 Last are my business cards. All the designs I've had. 
It's not many. Lol, but I like looking through them like I like looking through my labels. Is that weird?

Well, so far this has been working well for me. If you have a setup for your planner that you use for your business, please link it in the comments. I would love to see it! Maybe it'll give me some ideas ^_^


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