07.22.14 - Blackbird Cosmetics

Blackbird Cosmetics is a brand new indie company I discovered on Indiemakeupandmore awhile ago. When the owner, Maleah [what an awesome name!],  first posted, I checked out her store and liked what I saw. So, I asked her to be in one of my subscriptions. 

When I received her items, she gifted me samples and a few full sizes. I love how they were packaged (see photo above). Since my TAT is different from everyone's (I purchased in bulk for my subscription), I can't tell you how it was. 

 An array of samples.

Everything is swatched over UDPP and under an LED light. Please ignore the "blurred" spots; I forgot to change the setting of my camera -_-; so there are some blurry bits.

Everything I've received are matte colors. Don't let the sparkles fool you. I think my brushes weren't that clean or something >_>; 

 Aww, I feel special ^_^

 Dog Days
 Dog Days


 L-R: Dog Days and Imogen
I must say I'm super happy I received these in full sizes. Though honestly, I want them all in full sizes

 Dog Days is a cool toned dark brown
Imogen is a neutral rose 



 Dim Tradition

L-R: Thirteen, Immortals, and Dim Tradition 
 Thirteen is a deep taupe
Immortals is a pink with a slight gray undertone
Tradition is light gray

 Fire Pledge



 L-R: Fire Pledge, Gravity, and Fiction
 Fire Pledge is a bright orange
Gravity is a dusty purple
Fiction is a smoky blue



 L-R: Beau and Lucid

Beau is a reddish brown
Lucid is a black

When I first opened my package, I was overwhelmed with a familiar scent. It might just be me, though, since I purchased in bulk. Looking at the ingredients, I realized it was because she put Vitamin E Oil in the formulation and that's when I realized the scent was because of that.

As for the formulation. None of the eyeshadows were chalky. They went on incredibly smooth and blended out easily. There was a problem with blending though (especially with the darker colors); the product beaded up. If you look at the photos you'll see it happening. It doesn't clump up to create a giant ball of pigment, but little specks like... eraser dust (only comparison I can think of). 

As for my favorite colors. I can't even tell you. I loved most of them. It's like she made the colors just for me! The only ones I thought (color-wise) weren't as unique were: Beau and Lucid. But everything else, I'm in love with.

I can't wait to see what Blackbird Cosmetics will come out with next. Have you tried Blackbird Cosmetics? What did you think? ^_^


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