07.22.14 - My Finance Log (featuring my RAIKA planner)

Today, I thought I would share my Finance Log. It's not a budget planner or anything. It's just a log. Originally, it was in my Filofax Calipso (compact) in Bright Blue; but I decided to sell it [after weeks of debating!] and moved everything in here.

 I just wanted to show this off. I think it's beautiful. ^_^;

The first section is the WO2P inserts from Piaric. I received these inserts when I purchased a set of random sticky notes from one of the Facebook groups. I decided to use it for this. This part of my log is my most "recent" change.

Basically, I use these inserts to write down everything I spent on each day. I use my FRIXION pen so I can color code it right after. 
Yes, everything in this log is color coded. I'm using a bunch of washi tape sets from Michael's.

I wanted to see what media type I used the most.

The next section is the "OUTGOING" log. Using the WO2P; I'll color code according to what (category) and how much I spent on... I like to see what I "waste" my money on the most. 

 Here's the color code key for the "OUTGOING" log.
MO2P INSERTS: prettyxplanner

 The next section is my "INCOMING" log. Basically, I log everything that I've made. [Although there are 2 things that aren't really INCOMING, but I wanted to keep it on this page]

 Here is the color coding key for it. 

MO2P INSERTS: The Delightful Deer

 The next section is for my online purchases. I just made these inserts so... I haven't used them yet. Lol.

The last section is my shipping log. This log is for my online store [I still haven't decided if I wanted to keep it in this planner or my other one].

Please don't mind the dates on the pages you see. I just randomly flipped through my planner and landed on a random page and some of the photos are old; because I've filled them out more. 

Of course, most of my information is editted out. ^_^; 


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