07.31.14 - Happy Scrappie July Planner Kit (Size - A5)

 Taking a break from working on my monthly subscription to talk about someone else's monthly subscription. 

I discovered this subscription (not a monthly recurring subscription; but it comes up every month for sale) through the owner, since I follow her on Instagram

As the title suggests, this is the Happy Scrappie July Planner Kit. As of this moment, it's sold out which isn't a surprise since it's the end of the month. There are a few other planner kit subscriptions but this was the one that caught my eye.

I did a pre-order and for the A5, it was $15.99. I also purchased an Add-On [See below] for $4.50


 I purchased on July 8, 2014. 
Shipped: July 27, 2014 (from Malaysia)
Delivered: July 30, 2014 (to California)

When I purchased the kit, I wasn't sure which size I wanted (Personal or A5). I decided that since I've been using my A5 for the next 3 months; I would choose that. 

It was shipped in a plastic bubble mailer. Taa daa! Here it is! The one in the clear packaging is my Add-On (plus a free gift) and the one in the paper bag is the actual planner kit.

This is what's in the Add-On Planner Kit. I chose the Add On 2: Bunny Friends

Sticky notes

Super adorable bunny stickers! Ahhh! So cute!

A free gift because I did a pre-order.

*RANDOM: I just received a random set of sticky notes yesterday and in it were a bunch of those matryoshka sticky notes. I gave a set away.... then I received this in the mail... it was the set I gave away. Lol. /RANDOM*

More cute bunny stickers!

Alright! Onto the July Planner Kit! Are you excited!?
Getting more excited? Can't contain it, huh? :D

What was in the paper bag!

What's in here?

Hand made clips! These are really cute and quite sturdy :)

Hmm...what's in this sucker?

Woah! That's more than I thought would fit in there.

Masking tape stickers, plastic bookmark, metal clips, binder clips, and washi tape

Little metal clips

Plastic bookmark, and a deer binder clip, and slim bronze washi tape

A pen! 
Here's what the tip looks like (in case you were wondering :P)

One more little packet before we get to the main thing.

This also looks like it'd carry clips or bookmarks. At least, that's what I thought.

STICKY NOTES! Gawd these are so cute!

Onto the rest of the package: Sticky flags


Hole reinforcements

Puffy Stickers

Index tabs

Diary Stickers (Love these!)

Sushi stickers (hehehee)

And that's the end of it.

No, thank YOU! This was pretty amazing. It was definitely a lot of fun to go through.

Was it worth it? YES!

I like how a few days after you ordered, she would send an email [didn't notice it until now. Or else I did and I forgot?] that has a comprehensive list on everything in the [month] Planner Kit.

I wonder what next month's would be.

I'd also like to try Paper Addict's planner kit too. But as of this moment, her store is on hiatus (to re-stock?) ^_^;


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