WEEK in REVIEW: 07.07.14 - 07.13.14

PLANNER: Filofax Original (A5) in Patent Black
INSERTS: Korean planner I purchased awhile ago and unbound; and my own inserts.

As the week went by, I realized how much I love the diyFish inserts. Also DO1P/DO2P inserts. WO1P/WO2P inserts are really difficult for me to use. <-- these inserts, as silly as it may seem; make me feel very unproductive and if you look at the pages [ I mean, really... look at it!] it's so cluttered! I tried keeping it in three columns (see previous week also) but it didn't work out. 

I started looking into the diyFish inserts again but for some reason I didn't want their A5 sized inserts. [Don't ask, I really don't know either]. I debated for this whole week. But I finally decided to just try and make my own inserts again. I did it based on diyFish inserts. 
Taa daa! First time using it. I accidentally printed on super bright blue paper. Sorry for how much it's bothering your eyes. It bothers mine too. 

Anyway, this week was spent mainly working on orders and my subscriptions for August. 

The orders (I had a sale) were kind of leaving my mind cluttered. If you see on the right side of the insert I made; I wrote a "plan of action" list. Basically things I needed to do in order. The first one is to finish packing up my sale orders. As of right now, I'm halfway through. I'm about 90% sure I can finish them this week. 

Well, that's it. I'm super tired from work -_-; Not much to babble about.


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