WEEK in REVIEW: 07.14.14 - 07.20.14

 PLANNER: Filofax Original (A5) in Patent Black
INSERTS: Old, undated, bound Korean planner from awhile ago that I unbound; and my own custom inserts.

On the left are the inserts from that Korean planner that I unbound and stuck in here. I decided to use them as my work schedule and show when bills were due. I still have my monthly, but the weekly helps me more (especially since I write them big)

Btw, I didn't edit anything out in this post because the secret is out! I made colors for Notoriously Morbid's Vanishing Cabinet (for next month). And the "August Colors" for my subscriptions turned out to be completely different LOL. 

Monday, (if you can see) was CRAZY hot! It was 108 degrees! 
 I liked writing this big and when I decorated, it looks quite nice :P Plus I have all these BIG stickers that I can use in these A5 sized pages. TAA DAA!

Starting on Friday, I was too tired to decorate much. Or at least... it looks quite plain compared to my other pages. I just didn't want to decorate or do anything... I also found out we have a new closing procedure at work. -_-; They told me 2 hours before we closed. 

Saturday..another plain decoration day. But Sunday I went overboard with the glitter tape and stickers. Lol. It was fun.

The main things I needed to do were to finish my samples for Notoriously Morbid and finished all of my orders from my sale. Yay! 


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