WEEK(s) in REVIEW: 06.23.14 - 07.06.14

 Planner: Filofax Pocket Patent in Duck Eggs
INSERTS: Monthly: Lucy in Wonderland Month on 2 Pages; Filofax Week on 2 Pages; and  diyFish LMI V02(b)

Here's June's view. I started doing this in May. I thought it was cute. And gave me more things to decorate :P

 When I first received my Pocket Patent, I didn't know what to do with the WO2P that was included. I decided to use these inserts [for the past 2 weeks] for tasks I had to do for my store and subscriptions. As you can see, not much decorating going on...

 Btw, because of using these inserts for this purpose... you'll notice how empty my diyFish inserts are...
Btw, this is a busy week. It's when my subscriptions are back in rotation. [It starts on the 26th of each month].There were a few things I still had to do. Luckily, they were easy things.

Plus, I was preparing for my re-opening [closed my store for a month] on July 1. But as you can see, some days... I was too tired from work (my regular full time job) to work on anything. 

Yes, some of the items I wrote in the Filofax WO2P, I re-wrote here. I think it's to burn it into my brain.

 After much debating with myself, I decided to get a Personal sized Finsbury in Electric Blue! I should be receiving it tomorrow! So excited!

 Totally and completely random... I noticed that my writing is starting to change... I don't know why....

 This is the last day I was using my pocket sized planner. [kind of...]

I love using the Pocket, Personal, and the A5 sized planners. BUT! I can never decide which ones I want to use. I decided to switch out every 3 months. So I've finished using the pocket size and now it's to the A5. 

 PLANNER: Filofax Original (A5) in Patent Black
INSERTS: Some... korean bound planner I took apart that I purchased years ago...

Oh the insert dilemna. Yes I love the diyFish inserts... but I love these too. I thought I should try and use these up. But when I first started using it... I just couldn't get used to the WO1P set up. To me, this looks really cluttered. But maybe it's just how I decorated it.

When I decorate, it's mainly to separate tasks. I don't color code, but the different colors are also used to separate things from the previous things. 
Honestly, though, I had fun decorating the page. It may look cluttered and such ... but I still kind of like it. ^_^;

Of course, editted out some important / private info. 


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