08.08.14 - MULBERRY Postman's Lock Agenda (Pink Glossy Goat)

 Over a year ago, Imy from Imysworld posted about her Mulberry Postman's Lock Agenda in Pink Glossy Goat and I had been drooling ever since. I checked the price tag and nearly cried. It was double the amount I paid for my Gillios. But I couldn't get it out of my mind...

After saving and selling things (Yes, I sold my Gillios, some of my Filofaxes, and my previous phone [Samsung Galaxy S4]).... Well, as you can see in the photo above and the title...

But when I pressed the "BUY" button, I regretted it because it was so much money. 

Not more than 3 hours later, I received a shipping notice and a tracking number. What? O_o;;; And the tracking said I would receive it in 2 days. What?!?

The next few days I was impatiently waiting for it. I was hoping I would fall in love with it because like I said, it's a lot of money. As I waited, I realized how badly I wanted it. When it arrived, I was at work but on my lunch break I rushed off to get it.

First impressions. I do NOT regret it! I'm so happy I purchased it. In fact, I'm thinking about selling the rest of my Filofaxes and my Akiko planner.  

It was packaged so beautifully. I didn't want to open it! Which is quite stupid since I paid for the actual item and not the packaging (or did I? Hmmmm :P)

 No, thank YOU, Mulberry

 My envelope which contains care instructions and my invoice which I would love to hide >_>

 The beautiful box it came in.

 AHhhhhhh! So beautiful!

I admit, I'm NOT a pink person. But something about this was screaming at me to get it. SCREAMING at me! Lol! 

When I first opened the box, there was someone else in the locker room with me. And we both smelled the overpowering leather smell. She was like "What's that!? Why does it smell like leather?" So I had to show it to her and she agreed it was beautiful too :)

 Macro shot of the leather.

The leather isn't very stiff and it's not very floppy like the Gillios or the Filofax Malden. It's the perfect in between. (I can't explain it :P)

 I think this photo shows the true color. 

Here's the lock. I honestly thought that the lock would be quite annoying, but it's not :) I do have to get used to it though. 

 What the insides look like. The card slots and the pockets aren't stiff at all. It's really easy to take things out and put them in; but they're not loose enough that everything falls out easily.

You can see the embossed Mulberry logo there. ^_^

I don't know what to do with these address dividers. Maybe I'll washi tape over them and use them for something else....

 It came with a bunch of inserts (but I only took photos of this and the contacts one since my camera was dying -_-; )

Here are what the WO2P looks like.


The Mulberry is an A6 size which is different from the personal/medium sizes of the Filofax and Gillios. I think it's the most perfect size. It's in between a personal and a pocket size. The only trouble is finding inserts for them. [But, I like to make my own so it's no problem. In fact, I already did LOL]

I had always wanted a size between the personal and pocket so that's why I believe this is perfect!

The TEENY TINY pen loop. That's the only negative thing I would have to say about it. All the pens I have do NOT fit.

My Cross pen which is pretty thin doesn't even fit. I have one other really thin pen but the pen is TOO thin and falls right out. I guess I'll have to buy one of those pen loop things. 

You can see that I've already moved right in. I haven't made dividers or anything yet. I'm just using the diary for now. I have to decide on what sections I want.

Overall, I really like this Mulberry and I don't regret purchasing it at all. I believe the price is completely worth it and the only downside is the pen loop. 


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