08.28.14 - Notoriously Morbid's Vanishing Cabinet: Writer of Dreams (Aug 2014)

 This month, Notoriously Morbid made their monthly subscriptions a recurring monthly subscription. Not surprisingly, it was sold out quickstyle! I'm so happy I managed to snag one :) THANK YOU! 

 This month's theme is inspired by Neil Gaiman. Honestly, I've never read any of his work but have been constantly recommended. One day... I will! *shakes fist*

Oh, and look! The special guest is MY STORE :P Taa daa! 

 Oh, NERDS. You bring such memories of when I was 8 years old... 

Anyway, this is what was included in this month's subscription.

 Here's the color I made especially for their subscription. Graceful Torment

 Graceful Torment
(swatches below)

Graceful Torment is a warm brown with a purple duochrome and also has a red sheen
Now, onto Notoriously Morbid's items.

 Seek Not Revenge
 Seek Not Revenge - Purple with a red sheen and has golden shimmer

 Moments That Illuminate
 Moments That Illuminate - an icy blue that's overpowered by a copper duochrome and red sheen

L - R: Graceful Torment, Seek Not Revenge, and Moments That Illuminate
 L - R: Graceful TormentSeek Not Revenge, and Moments That Illuminate

I had trouble capturing Moments That Illuminate. It's definitely an icy blue but my camera failed...

 Stories By the Fire
  Stories By the Fire - Brown with an orange undertone and has a golden sheen

 Time is Fluid Here
  Time is Fluid Here - Shimmery charcoal that has green and gold shimmers

 Wadsworth - Terracotta brown with a strong yellow green duochrome

 L-R: Stories by the Fire, Time is Fluid Here, and Wadsworth
 L-R: Stories by the Fire, Time is Fluid Here, and Wadsworth

 The infamous Glass Applies Lip Tint

 Glass Apples
Looks like the red of a Washington Red Apple. ^_^;

I should've taken a before photo. One of these days I'll include photos of everything. *sigh*. Anyway, Glass Apples is a sheer red that's not sheer enough that you can't see anything but it adds a hint of color to your natural lip color. It's very very VERY moisturizing! I love it! 

Honestly, I was afraid when I saw the RED color but wow this is pretty amazing :D

Do I think this subscription is worth it? YEP! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol, if you can ;)


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