08.28.14 - Van der Spek (Senior Size) Quick Set Up

 I received my Van der Spek custom agenda a few weeks ago and promptly moved in. I'm in a serious love affair with this. Could it be because it's custom made to how *I* wanted it? 

I love it so much that... I sold my Mulberry Postman's Lock Agenda. WHAT!? I felt so guilty about how much I spent on it. 

The A6 size, though... was meant to be. That's why I chose the senior size which is the same as A6. 

Anyway, this isn't a review on the Van der Spek agenda... (Future post!)

 I haven't really had the time to set it up completely. Just the important things (inserts). I would like to use this as a wallet but...that'll be in the future!

On the left, the only thing I have in the pockets are the cards that came with the VDS agenda and sticker sheets.

My dashboard is a Halloween set of 6(?) plastic sheets used for crafting/scrapbooking that I purchased from Michael's a year ago. I originally planned on using them for dividers when I received my Akiko planner awhile ago. But I didn't because if I used them; a lot of the images printed on them would be cut off. 

 I didn't have time to look for dividers to purchase. What I did was used memo sheets that were A6 sized (I have a few) and added some tabs on them and laminated them. I used washi tape and stuck them on the tabs and wrote out what each divider is for. If I change my mind, all I have to do is peel it off and change it. 

Anyway, the first section is my CONTACTS. Phone numbers, addresses, etc. Of course, I won't show you. Though honestly, the only contacts I have in here are ones I kept in my personal Filofax. I folded the sheet in half and it's just tucked in there. One day, I will make an address insert and I will update it... Just don't have the time. 

 The next section is the TO DO

 A6 inserts are hard to come by. As I've said above, I haven't had the time to make them and I haven't found any I liked. But I remembered I had these Target $1 bin TO DO pads. They don't really fit 100%. As you can see, the sheets are a bit more narrow and it's actually longer (in height). I had to trim them down a bit to fit in here. But it works! I like them. I wish I had another one... :P

Here's what a blank one looks like.

 I keep saying this, but I want to blog more. I wish I had more time to do it though. In case the mood strikes up, I've created a divider just for it. I have a list of ideas behind here which I won't show :P

I don't know if you can tell, I laminated this sheet wrong :( So sad. I was distracted and wasn't paying attention and that's what happened. *sigh* Oh well. I didn't want to waste it so...

 Diary section. 
Yearly, Monthly, and Daily inserts.
 Here's what my Daily inserts look like. I made these myself. 

 What a blank one looks like...

 Whoops. I forgot the List divider. 
The page before this one is a list of peoples' subscriptions that have started. Of course I'm not showing it for privacy purposes. This list (shown above) is obviously the INCOMING Mail List. lol. I haven't decided what other lists to put in here but... When I do...

Last is the Brain Dump. Unfortunately, there's nothing in there yet. 

Anyway, that was the quick and dirty of my setup. Hope you had fun. If you have any setup blog posts (yourself) or you've read/seen an awesome setup; please link it in the comments. I love looking at setup posts and would like some ideas ^_^. Thank you!


  1. Thank you for showing your setup! I'm making my own planner in a half sized 3 ring binder, so I'm looking everywhere for ideas. I love what you've shared!


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