WEEK IN REVIEW: 08.11.14 - 08.17.14

PLANNER: Mulberry Postman's Lock in Glossy Pink Goat and custom Van der Spek [future post] Custom planner (senior size)
INSERTS: DO1P inserts that I made

 I really love the inserts I made. I was inspired by the Hobonichi and diyFish inserts

On the left column, I list my to-dos and future reminders. On the right column; I've decided to designate that area as notes. In the case of the pages you see; I've journalled a bit (editted out, obviously] and write in my work schedule.

 I decided to start doing a Daily Comic again after three people pushed me. Unfortunately, I stopped after a few days because I got quite busy [reason below]. But I plan on taking it up again.

 Tuesday is my day off. I didn't decorate much since I'd rather use up the space for my To-Do list. I ended up working on orders all day and didn't really get to do anything else. 

You'll notice that I decided to color in the boxes instead of "checking" them. I thought they looked neat plus i gives me the opportunity to use up my neon colors that I can't really use. :P

The reason I stopped doing my Daily Comic (temporarily) was because on this day I decided to do a weekend sale for my online store.  

Thursday, is another day off. As you can see, I didn't decorate much again. Too bad I didn't do all those things... 

 I had a fun experience (this was written in my journal/notes section). 

I'm not a frequent customer of Starbucks. Honestly, I just started going the last month. [once a week, if I'm lucky]. I hadn't had any coffee in 2 weeks because of time. Anyway, the point of this is I went to Starbucks and the guy got my order wrong (but he fixed it) and when I was trying to pay; their system decided it needed to update and we waited for a good 10 minutes. Finally, he just said "don't worry about it. I'll pay for your coffee!"

I was surprised. Does this happen often?

 Guardians of the Galaxy was OKAY. Wasn't that great to me...

Took this photo in the morning so nothing has been marked off yet. Anyway, that's all for this week :)


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