WEEK(s) in Review: 07.21.14 - 08.03.14

 It's that time again... When my subscriptions come around....

I realized that the diyFish inserts were THE inserts for me. Since I had used them I didn't want to change out. But because of the current inserts I've been using, I've been extremely wishy-washy. I even debated for August --- if I should go back to diyFish inserts or not. <--I decided not to.

So you'll see I've been extremely indecisive when it comes to my inserts. I've also decided to use 3 different planners. WHAT!? You heard me.

The first set of photos are the A5 Filofax Original in Patent Black.
Inserts are an old undated Korean bound planner that  I unbound and punched. Also my own inserts that I printed on gray paper.

 You would think I would learn to change the settings of my camera... Here's the personal sized inserts. I wanted to use my Personal Finsbury in Electric blue; and the only personal sized inserts I have are the ones that it came with which are WO1P (Week on 1 Page). I decided to use this as my "satellite" planner. 
 This current week...

 For some odd reason, I wanted to use this planner my friend got for me for Christmas. It's really cute.

I'm so indecisive.

I would've typed more but the lights in my room just burnt out *sigh*. It's really hard to change my lightbulbs. I think I"m going to get a floor lamp or something...


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