09.09.14 - Restless Planner Syndrome

Have a billion different planners? Are you having a hard time choosing which planner to use? Which inserts to use? Which... ANYTHING? 

You probably have Restless Planner Syndrome. 

The past two months, I had been switching planners and inserts over and over and over again. I was quite sad. Originally, the diyFish inserts were my "inserts peace" but I wanted to try something different. Unfortunately, I never stuck to the same thing (except recently).

The planners that I have used the past two months:
Filofax Pocket Patent (Duck Eggs) [not shown; sold]
Mulberry Postman's Lock Agenda (Glossy Goat Pink) [not shown; sold]

[photos above: Bottom - Top; L-R]
Filofax Original A5 (Patent Black)
Morning Glory Bound Planner 
Filofax Finsbury Personal (Electric Blue)
Orange Circle Studio Calendars for Today
Punctuate (Barnes & Noble)
Van der Spek Custom Planner

When I first got my Finsbury (in Electric Blue); WO1P inserts were included and I wanted to use them. I was using these at the same time as I was using my A5 Original. I kind of liked how it looked compact-like. 

Here's the A5 inserts I made for my Original. I made daily inserts since I can't really fit too much on WO1P or WO2P ones.

Deciding that I needed Daily inserts, I found these from prettyxplanner. I like the inserts but it wasn't enough room...

During this time, I wanted to take my planner with me. The Original (A5) is too big for me and I didn't really want to take the Finsbury with me. I remembered my friend had gifted me this Morning Glory planner a few years ago. Luckily, they aren't dated. As you can see, they're WO2P inserts. 

Yes, I was stuck with using WO1P or WO2P inserts. But eventually, I couldn't use them any more. I used the above planner for two weeks before my Van der Spek custom planner arrived.

Oh, how I fell in love with it. I was so in love with it that I decided to sell my Mulberry. As much as I loved it, I still couldn't justify the price. Even the Gillios, they weren't as much but I used them for almost a year. But the A6 size is a dream! I just wish it had bigger rings. 

Anyway, I promptly moved in and used the Mulberry inserts (WO2P) for two weeks and finally made inserts (see above) for it,

Like I said before. I believe the diyFish inserts were THE inserts for me! But the hassle of printing them out.... and the fact that I needed these inserts ASAP... 

Maybe in 2015 I'll switch back to diyFish inserts.

I was wandering in Barnes and Noble and found these planners (this one and the one below). I couldn't get them out of my head. 

The one above is only a monthly planner. I wanted to use it as my online store's "deadlines". I have editted out info as you can see :P since I know some of my i+t customers' read my posts. 

And this one. A tiny/slim WO2P planner. I'm using this as my satellite planner. It's small enough to keep in my bag.

I don't decorate it much. Most of the time, I figure out things I have to do when I'm at work (when I'm supposed to be working hehehehe) or I get messages/emails that I need to reply to. It's easier to whip out this small book to write them down than to lug my binder planners around.

Currently in use for daily planning:
Van der Spek custom planner
Orange Circle Studio Calendars for Today (that monthly one)
Punctuate (the slim one)

Who knows if I'll get planner peace. I change my mind so often...

So, do you have Restless Planner Syndrome? What planners are you using now?


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