09.09.14 - My custom Van der Spek planner (A6)

Before getting my Mulberry (which has since been sold), I ordered a Van der Spek custom planner in Senior (A6) size. 

Turnaround time: About 4 weeks (just like it says on the website)

Outside: Grey Ostrich (238)
Inside: Purple (6216)
Outside Stitching: Purple
Inside Stitching: Grey
Mechanism (rings): 20mm Gold
Stiffener?: Yes

It arrived beautifully, securely, and safely packaged. I should've taken photos of it once I received it but I was so excited... 

The photo above shows the actual color of the Grey Ostrich

At first I had to get used to the "ostrich". It's quite textured and bumpy. But it's not very hard. I can't explain it...

Macro shot of the Grey Ostrich

The inside card slots. Don't mind the "discolored" parts because it's not discolored. This leather is amazingly suede-like. Unfortunately, I don't know what it is. It's very soft and smooth. 

There are five card slots and another slot on the bottom. There are two vertical pockets behind it. I keep stickers and important papers in there.

The two vertical pockets and GOLD rings :)

I was trying to capture the color but it just doesn't photograph well. If you have the Filofax Finsbury in Electric blue; the color is very similar to that.

Gold KRAUSE rings. Beautiful! 

I'm seriously in love with this planner. Probably because it's customized to how I wanted it. I saw a photo of the grey ostrich with secretarial pockets and OMG I didn't know they could do that. Next time... *nods*

Unfortunately because of the A6 size, it's really hard to find inserts for it. I had to make my own. (see above). 

Anyway, definitely worth it and I'm thinking of getting another one. Maybe a small one (mini?). I haven't decided yet. It was an easy experience and it was definitely worth the wait. Unfortunately, if you're really excited about it; the wait seems like it took years. ^_^;


  1. I absolutely love this ostrich Van Der Spek planner especially in Fuschia. Unfortunately, it is way outta my reach because it is way too expensive for me. I love your planner though. And nice blog.
    Check out mine?

    Joanny :)

  2. Thank you for the comment. I've been in love with gray planners for awhile but the grays that I've seen I didn't really like but this one... I love so much! Finding the inserts is the problem though :( Even though I made my own, I don't really like them LOL.

  3. Finding A6 inserts is not really a problem. I have a Van Der Spek Touch Me Senior and for me the major problem is that I underestimated how difficult and frustrating it is to work with 20mm rings. I have been trying to get 25mm rings from Van Der Spek since December but nothing yet. I may be forced to lay it aside and go back to using my Filofax Cuban Personal again.

    1. Oh yes! The small rings are a pain! I voted for bigger rings too! I'm hoping it'll be soon :( I did order a new VDS (Standard, though) with 30mm rings.


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