WEEK IN REVIEW: 09.22.14 - 09.28.14

PLANNER: Some Asian "notebook" [It's a binder that fits personal sized inserts] I got that I'll call MR.ROCK! 

Short post since this is WO2P inserts.
I love the way these inserts look. I have yet to use the notes section on the bottom. But I know it's there for important information. I'll probably write about upcoming dates that I have to remember (aka bill due dates; especially since a new month is coming up)

Monday - For some ODD reason; it was CRAZY busy at work; but it was super slow the rest of the week. Why Monday? I have no idea. As it says in the Monday slot "Make 2 Colors for Oct Sub". Yes, I do make the colors a month/sometimes 2 weeks before the subs start. Why so late? I need to see how many indie companies will be able to be in my subscription for that month. If I don't have enough or if I receive their products late; I'll have to make new colors for it. I know some companies do theirs in advance but with my full time job and the fact that I help my Dad's contractor business; it's really hard to find the time to do things in advance. Honestly, I DO plan the colors in advance (what colors to make; so I'll know what they'll look like/color schemes and such). 

Tuesday - Day off from Work. I had planned on doing many things but Mom told me that I needed to take her to San Francisco because she had some sort of appointment there. >___>;; Most of my plans for that day fell through. 

I was kind of excited to drive to San Francisco in my new car. Excited because when I drove my previous car I was (my Mom too) always scared it'll break down on me because of how clunky and old it was and it was a pain in the butt because we couldn't open the driver side door properly (have to get in from the passenger side/open the door from there) and we couldn't open my windows, and the radio's busted; PLUS, it was super small.

Driving there was comfortable and kinda fun. BUT we were stuck in traffic from here to San Francisco. What usually takes 1 1/2 hours took about 2 1/2 hours. Once we got to SF; we dropped by our SF house and visited my brother for a bit. When he left for work was when Mom and I decided to go find something to eat. We went to the Serramonte mall and had some lunch at Panda Express and also dropped by Daiso which was across the street. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING but we didn't have time to do that. Then, I had to drive downtown (couldn't find parking for an HOUR!!!!) for my Mom's appointment. It wasn't really an appointment but something that had to be done ASAP. She made it sound like it was an appointment though. Lol. After that, we headed home. Unfortunately, stuck in heavy traffic again! Ugh!

Wednesday - Work was SO SLOW! This was also the day I decided not to use my art for my October subscriptions. Mostly because I messed up inking BOTH my October drawings! So I asked my friend to do a drawing for me. (In exchange for my products LOL. She was super happy to do it). 

Also, I had been debating on if I should keep using diyFish inserts. Actually, I had been debating about it for MONTHS. But I ended up purchasing the rest of this year's inserts (V3). They're printed, folded, cut, and punched into my current planner.

Thursday - I started planning out my SAW Collection. Every year, since I got them... I watch the SAW movies until Halloween. So, it's kind of a tradition for me. ... A weird one... LOL. Also my day off. Honestly, didn't do much, I had a huge headache and that morning it rained really hard which we were super happy about. California has a drought! We need more rain!!! But the rain lasted for like an hour and it was sunny again :(

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Been working on subscription things (easy things like labels and ingredient listings) and the SAW Collection which I've named "LIVE OR DIE".

Bought an iPad Mini keyboard. I really despise typing on the touch screen. This goes for touch screen phones too which is kind of sad since most of the phones nowadays are touch screen only. Ooh...I wonder if they have a keyboard for MY phone (Samsung Note 3).

I've rambled a lot! Lol...


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