WEEK(s) in Review: 09.01.14 - 09.21.14

It's been awhile since I posted one of these. I've been busy. It doesn't really show in my planner pages. Basically, my subscriptions started and that takes up a LOT of time and once they slowed down; I had a sale. And I was busy again.

PLANNER: Filofax Finsbury (Personal) in Electric Blue
INSERTS: diyFish LMI V3 printed on ivory paper

I'm kind of cheating in this post. Two days ago I was still using my Van der Spek custom "Senior" sized planner and using inserts I made. But, I got sick of them (the inserts) and since diyFish inserts don't come in A6 (yet)... I decided to whip out my beautiful Finsbury

When printing out these inserts; I had to print out all the pages (btw, this is just a month trial: September) because some of the earlier dates were on the back of the later dates. Since it looked weird empty, I just copied all the things I wrote on my own inserts onto these inserts. 

Looking at these inserts, I'm wondering if I could just stick to a WO2P setup... As you can see, very minimal decorating! Nothing is color coded. I just used different inks to differentiate tasks. 

Anyway lets talk about the week:
09.01.14 - 09.07.14
Monday was Labor Day. Usually we have big sales at my job. Honestly, it was quite busy. My brother had come up for the weekend. But because it was a busy weekend; I couldn't request the time off (not like I knew he was going to visit anyway). My brother and parents ended up wandering around car dealerships to check out new cars for me. They eventually decided that I should go with them after work on Labor Day (since I opened that day) for me to test drive the car they were pretty sure I would like. And that's what I ended up doing. Except we (my mom and I) were dragged around 4 different car dealerships. Finally, at the last one; we bought my car. YAY! I have a working car now! 2014 Honda Accord EX!

My parents "bought" the car for me. But I'm paying them back every week out of my paycheck. So you'll notice "Make I.O.U. insert for car" and the "Withdraw $" every week; it's for that. 

I was super excited about the car but I was still scared about driving it. I ended up driving it almost a week after I got the car. (I'm such a weenie).

This week was spent working on orders non-stop! Orders for my subscriptions; orders for the sale I just had. Busy busy busy! 

I literally just finished my orders about 15 minutes ago. YAY! 

My dad's car has been having issues. So he had to leave his car at the dealership to be looked at and fixed. I had to pick him up. Unfortunately, it still didn't work. When they called us a few days later to pick it up; it's still not really working. My dad says when he turns on the air conditioner, the car will still overheat. :/ Unfortunately, he doesn't have the time to get it looked at or have his car in a garage waiting to be fixed; since he needs it.

On Tuesday, Mom and I were running some errands. Mom ended up getting goldfish. She was so excited she was like a little kid. It was cute :P Unfortunately, one of them died. 

Thursday was her birthday. I had been trying to figure out where to take her or what to do. Ended up taking her out to lunch at Leatherby's. I had never been there before but my parents had and my brother and she liked it so she suggested we go there again. She also wanted more gold fish which we did get. Unfortunately, two more died. (One died 2 days ago; and one died today :( )

I also believe I've caught some strange virus that's been going around. Not gonna lie, I feel like shit. It's not a cold or the flu. Actually, I have no idea. I just know my whole body aches and I'm extremely tired and I sound congested :P I'm hoping it'll go away by tomorrow!

Anyway, that's all for these last few weeks. ^_^


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