Sunday, October 26, 2014

WEEK in REVIEW: 10.20.14 - 10.26.14

I know it's been awhile...But I've been busy and my work schedule has been changing every week, so my sleep schedule is very off.

But first, CHECK OUT THESE ADORABLE CHARMS! I got them here! I used to follow this artist when I frequented deviantart. <--the link is my deviantart account. Since I haven't been drawing in a long time, I haven't been on there. But I follow her on FB

I had been having a few rough weeks so getting them made me happy. I also received some A6 sized prints which I plan on using for my Van der Spek planner. ^_^

Anyway! Onto the actual post.

PLANNER: Personal Finsbury in Electric BlueINSERTS: diyFish v3 Personal size

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

10.11.14 - Shiro Cosmetics

Oh don't want to know how late this post/order was. It was purchased during the Shiro's Birthday sale. Oh yes, THAT long ago! And no, it hasn't been touched since (well...then I did this post)

I've already mis-placed the free samples >_>; -aka- dumped them in my SAMPLES pile. So I can't really tell you what the free samples I got were :P

Monday, October 6, 2014

WEEK IN REVIEW: 09.29.14 - 10.05.14

 PLANNER: Some Asian "notebook" [It's a binder that fits personal sized inserts] I got that I'll call MR.ROCK! 

Using my iPad mini to post this for the first time. 

Anyway most of this week was working on my subscriptions and orders. I was also trying to work in the time to make new colors for a new collection I had been planning.

Everyday I list out the subscriptions that have gone through and once I'm done with a page; I work on new colors (as long as my turnaround time isn't too far and if it is; then I'll work until I'm not behind)
Honestly, not much happened this week. The only interesting thing would have to be my co-worker's birthday dinner thing.

To make an extremely long story short; the location and time were changed about 10 times (unfortunately, not exaggerating) and a few people were upset and hurt about it (because they weren't invited). It was held at a Pakistani Buffet. Was my first time having Pakistani food and it was pretty good. The food was fresh (must've just opened). I had to go during my lunch break; so I couldn't stay for long.

The previous week, I hung out with my friend, Bex. While we were eating she whipped out her iPad and showed me this app called ATracker which basically keeps track of all the things you do.

I decided to download it just to see how much I spend my day doing certain things...

Tuesday - I dowloaded it Monday night so I could use it on my day off.
I decided to delete the category "Social Networking" since I'm on there all the time. Lol. It says I worked on my blog, but I just took photos in preparation for an indie cosmetics post. Unforrtunately, haven't posted it yet.

You'll see as the days go by, it's mostly spent on my orders, work, or my subscriptions.

Another day off. Mostlly spent working on orders and subscription items. (as you can see LOL)

Yep, that was fun to look at. I should add a "free time" on there to see how much free time I really have. LOL. Probably won't be much :P