10.12.14 - Sugarpill: SparkleBaby

 It's here! It's here! The long-awaited Sugarpill palette that I had been drooling over for two years! 

Everything is swatched over LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer and under an LED light

 Free sticker! Love the color scheme!

Free sample of Goldilux. Love the packaging! 
 The back of the sample
  Goldilux - Shimmery Gold

SparkleBaby palette sleeve
 SparkleBaby palette 
 Back of the SparkleBaby palette 

Kitten Parade 

 L-R: Kitten Parade and Frostine
 L-R: Kitten Parade - Pink with a strong gold duochrome
Frostine - Soft lavender with a strong purple duochrome

 Candy Crush
 Hotsy Totsy

 L-R: Candy Crush and Hotsy Totsy
 L-R: Candy Crush and Hotsy Totsy 
  L-R: Candy Crush - Frosty light blue
 Hotsy Totsy - Fuchsia with a blue duochrome

This is what the palette looks like after it's been swatched.

Honestly, when I first saw the palette (in person), the colors looked like they would be stiff in the pans or chalky. In fact, they're the opposite of what I thought. They're smooth, has a little fall out, very blendable. I really love these colors!

I think it was worth the two year wait! :)


  1. I got the singles a while back because I couldn't wait any longer but the palette is soooo cute!!! I almost wish I'd waited, hehe.


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