WEEK in REVIEW: 10.20.14 - 10.26.14

I know it's been awhile...But I've been busy and my work schedule has been changing every week, so my sleep schedule is very off.

But first, CHECK OUT THESE ADORABLE CHARMS! I got them here! I used to follow this artist when I frequented deviantart. <--the link is my deviantart account. Since I haven't been drawing in a long time, I haven't been on there. But I follow her on FB

I had been having a few rough weeks so getting them made me happy. I also received some A6 sized prints which I plan on using for my Van der Spek planner. ^_^

Anyway! Onto the actual post.

PLANNER: Personal Finsbury in Electric BlueINSERTS: diyFish v3 Personal size

 The full spread.

I don't think I mentioned before... I got these cute Halloween stickers last year and decided to use them all month long on my inserts. So all of my October inserts has some sort of Halloween theme. I think I'll post an October Flip-through (non-video :P) so you'll see. I decided not to post the previous weeks because..they weren't that interesting. Lol.

This week I wanted to use my Uniball Signo Angelic Colour pens which are actually my favorite pens. Though, I think it would look better if the inserts were printed on white paper instead of ivory. Lol. Oh well. 

I never know what to put in that left side column. One day... I'll figure it out!

This week, the audit manager was on vacation. Instead of getting the regular backup to be in audit; they scheduled ME! -_-; [I'm the backup of the backup. There's another one too but they wanted me to go there ???? ]

I had gotten used to my mid-shifts/closing shifts; so I had to change my sleeping hours and wake up at 530am instead of 930am or 10am. <--Yep, I wake up that late. Don't judge me LOL.

This week, I also released my LIVE or DIE Collection which is based on the SAW movies.  I had to do some leftover things (printing labels). The photos were a challenge though. Because a lot of them are duochromes (colors shift and change depending on the lighting) my photos didn't represent the colors well. I decided to ship them off to a blogger to help me with the photos. 

My cousin, Jennie, popped over for a visit with her fiance from New York. They haven't been here since last year at their engagement party. Unfortunately, I couldn't see her because of our schedules. She left to go to San Francisco on Saturday and should be going back to New York tomorrow. 

Instead of making a new insert for "INCOMING MAIL"; I decided to use the Note section on the bottom of the inserts for that. I don't have much mail coming to me anyway so the small section was good enough :)

As the days went by, I colored in the boxes for the things that have arrived.

The MEMEBOX one was only colored in 1/3 of the way because there's actually 3 of them (it was a bundled deal). 

There are also some days where you just don't feel like doing anything. I've been having a lot of those days lately. Unfortunately. Which is why you'll see that some of the things I needed to do were moved to another day. 

I got this ghost sticky note... 2 months ago? I don't remember when. I'm clearancing out my regular line and these are the dates that I'm releasing them. It looks super cute :P

 I love how the pastel colors look...

A tiny bit about my personal life. I don't talk about it much. I recently got a boyfriend. His name is Adam, if you can't tell. Our schedules are drastically different and he lives about 30-40 minutes away; so we don't get to see each other much. But we've been trying more lately.

Example, this week. He came to see me on my lunch breaks a lot of the week. Just for an hour. Oh well, it's better than nothing :P

We kind of got in a small fight, but it's okay now. 

Also, found out that the Store Manager and another Manager got fired :O

Anyway. That was my week. Next week, I have a vacation from work. WOOHOO! Much needed! We're starting to hire for holiday season and they're going to shove that mess onto me because I'm the main one that does it (there's another Supervisor too but she doesn't like to and she shoves it on me). I needed to take a vacation before holiday season begins or else I'd go crazy.


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