11.04.14 - Notoriously Morbid's Vanishing Cabinet: Us and the Dead

Isn't this little tote bag...SO DARNED CUTE!? 

 As you can see this month's Vanishing Cabinet is inspired by ZOMBIES! More obviously, the Walking Dead

 There was also candy included but it has since gone into my tummy.

The first product that I've pulled out is their infamous Coffin Kissers in Feeling Alive.

 Please don't mind it's used state, as I took this with me to San Francisco and used it LOL. This is the first time I've ever tried a Coffin Kisser (which is basically a moisturizing lip balm). Like I said I used this already. It's definitely very smooth and moisturizing. But on my lips it didn't last very long and I had to reapply within an hour :( 

The flavor of Feeling Alive is "peach cobbler". I wasn't too big on the flavor which is quite strange since I love fruity flavors. Oh well ^_^;

 Here are the baggie samples.

Everything is swatched under an LED light and over UDPP.

The hint/baggie sample for next month is "Don't Think So Loud" which if you couldn't tell... will be based on TRUE BLOOD. [I've only seen 3 seasons of that]. 

Don't Think So Loud 
 Don't Think So Loud - This is a light blue-toned pink that has aqua sparkles. For some odd reason, the photo came out darker than it really is since it's a light pink. 

 I don't have glitter glue / glitter adhesive so I'm just showing the glitter in the baggie.
Just Another Monster
 Just Another Monster


 Alright! Here are what the labels of the four eyeshadows look like. 

 I may not know a lot of fandoms, but I do know that Officer Friendly is inspired by Rick Grimes of the Walking Dead
 Officer Friendly

 Cherokee Rose which is based on Carol
Cherokee Rose

L-R: Officer Friendly and Cherokee Rose 
 L-R: Officer Friendly and Cherokee Rose 

Officer Friendly is a warm brown that has a satin finish
Cherokee Rose is a lovely peachy pink that has gold shimmers and sparkles

Pray I'm Not Dead which is inspired by Daryl.  
 Pray I'm Not Dead

 Silent Samurai which is based on Michonne
 Silent Samurai

 L-R: Pray I'm Not Dead and Silent Samurai
 L-R: Pray I'm Not Dead and Silent Samurai

Pray I'm Not Dead is a charcoal that has a slight golden sheen and golden shimmers
Silent Samurai is a violet that has a slight blue sheen and blue sparkles

My favorite for this month would have to be Cherokee Rose. I just think it's really beautiful. Which was your favorite?


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