11.07.14 - What's in my Bag?

It's time for another round of WHAT'S IN MY BAGGGGGG!?!?!?

Don't mind my silly mood.
Have I ever told you how Nordstrom's has the BEST return policy? During my vacation, after much deciding; I returned over half of my bag collection. Some,I was really sad about (the color came off! WHAT!?) and the others... I just wasn't using them as much as I thought I would. [Some were purchased over 2 years ago :O ]

And yes, you heard me... OVER HALF OF MY BAG COLLECTION! In fact, I don't have many left LOL. Just the few that I didn't buy from Nordstrom

The ones with the faded colors, I could only get an exchange for. I guess that's okay because I was eyeing this Rebecca Minkoff bag. [Bowery Satchel in Taupe] The leather is divine! I love it so much! And it might look small but it fits a LOT. It's not heavy either! Okay, this isn't a review about the bag LOL.

This is what the back looks like.

I started using the bag when I started work again (I was on vacation for a week. I got this two days before)
This is what the top looks like.

The front pocket with the infamous buckle, I haven't put anything in there yet. Maybe I should put my lip products/pens in there?
Unzipped... it's like a BUCKET!

I'm starting with what's in the inside slots/pockets:
Little Twin Stars pen, comb from Daiso, and a Sakura Micron. Honestly, I don't know why the Sakura Micron is in there because I only use that to ink drawings....

In the other pocket (next to the one above) is another pen and a Maybelline lip gloss

On the other side, there's another slot-type pocket which holds a mini Buxom lip gloss (I LOVE this one! White Russian) and a Jack Black lip balm in Natural Mint

In the zippered compartment behind the above slot-pocket:
Small zippered pouch and my iPod Classic

In the small zippered pouch, I have: earbuds, lens wipes (for glasses), and my PO BOX key


Now, onto the interior compartment (?). Where I've dumped everything :P
The Kate Spade wallet I just got at the Kate Spade outlet during my vacation (MINT!!!) and my portable ummm charger for my phone or iPad.

Small notebook from Daiso

My "pharmacy" which contains: headache medicine (mostly this), allergy medicine, sinus medicine, and stomach medicine (I have a sensitive stomach).

2 packs of gum. Umm... what? I usually have only one. I wonder why I have two...

A tin of candy/"drops" and my NYX blotting powder.

TAA DAA! Surprisingly, that's all that's in my bag today. Then again, I had just moved everything in. I should do an "end of the week" post of what's in my bag. LOL. It'll be littered with junk. ^_^;


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