11.19.14 - SF Haul: Planner Goodies and some Makeup (Picture-heavy)

 A few weeks ago, I was on "vacation" from work. I went to San Francisco for a few days and stayed at my parents' house (My parents and I live here but my brother still lives there; we also rent out the bottom half).

Honestly, I had no plans. I just wanted to go to San Francisco since I hadn't been for awhile. When I did go, I would have to take my parents around to all the places they want to go and I would just be tagging along (they wanted us to visit relatives and such).

Anyway, there were a few places I wanted to go to though...

For my this trip I did save a bunch of money. But most of the items you'll see were purchased from DAISO and ICHIBANKAN which is MOSTLY $1.50 items. (Some are less, but I don't remember which ones were less than $1.50)

When I arrived to San Francisco, before I even dropped my stuff off at the house, I went to Daiso in Daly City. While I was driving to San Francisco, I was kind of estimating the places I would be going and Daiso in Daly City was the one that was out of the way. 

Using my trusty "GPS" on my phone (lol, I don't think I would consider it that); I arrived there with no problems. Okay, except for the lady that cut me off and almost made me crash into a sign. -_-; Nice. 

 This is NOT all the items I purchased at Daiso this is MOST of the items. I completely forgot about the no plastic bag policy in San Francisco, plus I wanted a box to hold my washi tape. So I bought this cute "photo" box.

Most of the items I bought (which I didn't photograph because they will be for my upcoming subscription and we all want that to be a surprise!), you can kind of see above: are baggies used for my subscription. I think I got 2 months worth there...

Onto everything else I purchased!
 I wanted to get these Sticky Tracing Film ever since I saw them on some Youtube videos. The last time I went to Daiso, I couldn't find them.
 But, TAA DAA! Here they are!

 I also bought these cute sticky flags. I really love the bunny ones... And lately, I've been loving frogs. Lol, I think they're so cute :)

 I bought 3!!! packs of these!

I use these for bills! I had purchased one before and it's almost out. I asked my friend, who lives near a Daiso to see if she could help me get some more but she couldn't find any! O_O So when I saw them, I snatched a few up.

Washi tapes. Some of these were bundled 2 to a pack. But the sheep and I believe the stars (?) were by themselves.

I also bought a reusable bag because... I didn't bring any with me. Ugh! I should've. I completely forgot! Lol.

Went to the house, unpacked and rested for awhile. I had to move my car a few times (parking) because it's almost impossible to park in my neighborhood that didn't have time restrictions. But I found a spot! WOOHOO! I needed to find a spot because I planned on leaving the car there until I left the next day. Cuz I was going to take BART or the bus for the other places I was going.

After I parked my car, I headed out to downtown via BART. I went to the Westfield shopping center (with the swirly escalators). Not gonna lie, that place gets me dizzy. It could be because of the swirly escalators??? The place I wanted to go to Maido, was on the top floor! I just ended up going on an elevator after two flights of swirliness. 

Arrived at Maido and it has changed :( Not as many stationery items as it used to have. But there were still some items. Here's what I picked up there:
 My planner peace will be an A6 sized planner. My custom Van Der Spek one I love very much except I wish it had bigger rings. I'm waiting for when they come out with bigger rings then I'll sell the one I have currently and get that one. Maybe I'll just end up selling my entire collection after that :P

Anyway, back to the item. I saw this. I believe it's for bound planners/diaries. It's a pouch to hold... whatever. I thought it was a neat idea.

Btw, MAIDO is quite expensive. -_-;;;; This bugger was almost $7. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten it... -_-; Though, it pales in comparison to another item I'll show you soon....

 This was one of the cheapest things I found in that store. I really liked it. It's a TO DO list.(obviously). Sometimes, I don't have room in my planners to write. Especially now that I'm using WO2P VERTICAL inserts. There's not much room to write.

I want to finish out the year using diyFish's LMI V3 inserts and next month, my lists will get longer and longer (because my subscriptions will be starting up soon) and those inserts don't leave much room to write it... Even if I'm using an A5.

This was $1.95

I left the shopping center and went to Macy's where I knew there was an INGLOT counter. I had wanted to go there for YEARS! Ever since I found out that INGLOT had a counter there.

 It was kind of fun choosing everything. Sorry for the blurry photos. I didn't realize they were blurry until now. -_-;

I bought/made two palettes

 The first palette was a 5-pan eyeshadow palette

 Sorry for the blurry photo -_-;
Here are the colors I chose.

 Here's the other palette I made. It's a 4-pan blush palette

Here are the blushes and the contour color I chose.

Seriously, I don't know why all my INGLOT photos came out blurry O_o;


I went back to Westfield for some lunch and decided I was tired. It was only 3:30 pm. I went back to the house and played my brother's PS3 (MIRROR'S EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) until he came home at around 8:30pm (from work). We had a quick dinner; watched a few episodes of American Horror Story (Season 2) on Netflix [hello? When are you putting out more seasons on Netflix!?]; then I watched him play Alien Isolation on his PC until a little passed midnight. 

The next day, Halloween; was a bad traffic day. Since the SF GIANTS won the World Series; they were having a parade. This was the day I was going home. I planned on going to Japantown and then home.

I was meeting up with a friend too. But she was late because she was coming from across the Bay and was stuck in traffic for FOREVER.

So, I wandered off.

I went to MAIDO (again... but in Japantown).
 These are some EXPENSIVE ASS sticky notes! I saw them in a YOUTUBE video. She did say they were expensive but I didn't realize HOW expensive. They're about $7 (tax included) EACH. Oh but I really wanted them... I must be crazy -_-;;;; [The one I REALLY wanted is on the left].

I guess they're for the Midori Travellers' Notebooks. I don't have one but... I love the sizes and the shapes of them...

I also got this cute bound planner there. In one of my Week in Review posts, I showed that I'm using this as kind of a journal (small journal) to track my days. I miss journalling and I thought I would use this as a quickstyle journal. It's too adorable!

I did go to DAISO in Japantown but I think because I spent so long in the one in Daly City, I just wasn't interested any more. I spent less than 5 minutes in there.

I headed off to Ichibankan and found that they had put up a display for planners and planner items. O_O; It was a small display but STILL! :D Oh how exciting! (Maybe just to me lol)

 Some sticky notes I got...

 What the heck? I didn't realize this was blurry either. Sorry!

Anyway this is a size comparison to the Midori sticky notes and the other ones from Ichibankan

 Point Seal stickers. There was one more but I didn't like the design.

 Schedule Seals

 Color Mark Seal and Schedule Seals

Random puffy stickers :D

 Here are the washi tapes I got. It may seem like a lot of washi tape. But you need to see my collection of washi tape. I don't have many. Especially since I use washi tape (instead of deco tape now...) to seal my jars for my eyeshadows that I ship out. So they get used a LOT!

The last 3 are a set. It was only $1.50! :D

 Deco tape runners. These are so cute :D

Oh man... I love LOVE LOVE skinny washi tape. There weren't many designs. These polka dot ones were the last ones :(

When my friend told me she had a gift for me. I was like OMFG! I completely forgot to get her a gift! I was tired of the stationery stores. There was one more store I wanted to check out and decided to get her the gift there.

I didn't take photos of it so they're not pictured... and since I already gave it to her >__>;;;
I'm just showing you what I got for myself ..

So the other store I wanted to go to was THE FACE SHOP
Here's what I got from THE FACE SHOP

Some are gifts, so I won't be showing what they are. So if you don't see a photo of it, it's a gift for a friend LOL.

The top left yellow things are samples of a handcream.

This is what the palette I chose for myself looks like.

I also bought a handcream (the one in a tub; NOT tube).

The lady helping me gave me a TON of samples. SO MUCH that I gave HALF to my friend.

After we took some purikura (like we always do); I had to drive home.

Anyway, that was a fun trip (FOR MY WALLET! lol -_-;;; ). I don't know when I'll be going next. Maybe not for awhile. 


  1. Omg lots of cute stuff.
    I love the sticky notes and washi tape.


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