11.27.14 - HAPPIE SCRAPPIE PLANNER KIT (November 2014 - A5 Sized)

 Two months ago, I subscribed (recurring subscription) to the Happie Scrappie Planner Kit (in A5 sized; Only because the Personal sized one was sold out. Currently (as of this post), they have some spots open). I didn't post last month's because when I received it, I gave a lot of it to my friend LOL. (I had most of it already)

I'll be having a really hectic and not very fun week this week. So I was super happy to receive it yesterday. I went to Starbucks with my friend (the one I gave half of last month's) and we opened it and checked it out (which is why the seal is open. Lol, sorry. we couldn't help it).

 Awww :)

 A pen and a highlighter. I'm really liking the fact that a pen is included in every subscription I've received. Now I don't have to buy pens... MWAHHAAHAHAH (Says the stationery fiend who has some pens coming in from Amazon >__>; )
 The pen. It writes amazingly (as most of the Asian pens I have) and the ink is a light blue.

 The highlighter's tip is shaped like a star. I received one last month too, but in blue. 

 Thin washi tape! YAY! I really like the slim/thin washi tape! This is what half of the design looks like
 Here's the other half

 Since getting the planner kit, I shouldn't buy any more sticky notes...Lol...
 An extra sticky note pack

 Sticker flakes!

 More sticky notes. But look how cute they look :P
 Hehehe. My favorite is the lamb. Looks terrified. Hehehe

 I was surprised to receive this. I actually have one of these. It's a sticker book album. It's filled with many sheets of stickers
 If you finish with your stickers, you can put in more sticker sheets :D Re-use the album

 Sticky labels

 More Stickers!

 Ooh..what's in this pack?

 More sticky notes! Actually, having plain sticky note flags are good too ;P


 STICKY FLAGS! (transparent)

 Diary stickers!

 Plastic Page markers
 Tiny metal clips

And last, adhesive corner pockets. I think that's what they're called. 

Whew! I really love receiving these. I can't wait to see what's next. Though, her site does show a preview of next month's already. LOL. I shouldn't have looked. <--That link is to purchasing just for one month. 

I'm so excited for the next one :D


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