WEEK IN REVIEW: 11.03.14 - 11.10.14

PLANNER: A5 Filofax ClipbookINSERTS: diyFish A5 Hyperdex inserts

The last week of October, I decided I wanted to use my A5 Clipbook. But I didn't have any inserts I wanted to use. So, I checked out diyFish again and noticed the Hyperdex was up. I liked using my app (see post here) to keep track of everything I do. 

You'll notice that I'm still trying to figure out how to use these inserts. You'll notice small notes on what I want to do with the inserts/what sections I want...etc.

I didn't know how to use this page O_O;

I spent the day with my BF and returned a bunch of stuff and wandered the mall. I went to see if my vacation check was in (at work) but it wasn't there yet :( 

Day off and trying to figure it out. I think if it was DO1P it would be better for me since I really don't know what to use the second page for. As you see, I've split up the page in sections; but it's a lot of writing everyday and sometimes (most of the time) it's the same thing I'm writing...

I had a butt load of laundry to do. It's because I wasn't home a lot of the time and I had a Halloween sale and worked on orders this day. 

The first time I used the Hyperdex

The same layout as above...

I started changing how I use the Hyperdex. It's little changes but I saw a few people doing this in the diyFish group on Facebook

As you can see... I don't fill out the Hyperdex a lot...

I've been trying to fill out the Hyperdex though...

The small change I did was using the outer ring for LOCATION. Though... I don't know why, but I thought it would be interesting. Lol... I don't go many places LOL. 

I wanted to decorate my pages more but.. I think it's because the A5 has so much space I just can't seem to do it. Maybe I should write REALLY REALLY BIG! I think I'll try that tomorrow...

Not much going on since I can't work on orders and my subscriptions are on hiatus until January. I can't work on orders because I've run out of jars and I'm currently waiting on them.

My parents went to San Francisco to visit their parents but the car broke down :( The car works...a bit. -_-; And they safely and carefully drove back here. 

I really need to do my San Francisco/Vacation blog post. I'll do that on my day off. 

One of the things I purchased when I was in San Francisco was this ADORABLE bound planner. They had 2 different versions of this brand. I shouldn't have bought it though, since I have a bunch of planners but I was so in love with it. 

I decided that I wanted this planner to be a heavily decorated one. Instead of writing down what NEEDS to be done; I'm writing out what I DID do that day. Basically like a mini journal. It's got a monthly and a weekly section. I'm only showing the weekly section for now. When the monthly section is done, then I'll post it up. 

So far, I really like it as a mini journal. This really relaxes me.

Yep, you can see what happened this week (minus the stuff I editted out cuz of personal things). I'm hoping I will keep this up.

As for the Hyperdex inserts. I don't think it's working for me. I'm going to try one more week and see if I can change it to how I'd want it/make it work for me. 


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