WEEK IN REVIEW: 11.24.14 - 11.30.14 & Month Overview

Planner: Filofax Clipbook (Neon Pink: A5)
INSERTS: diyFish V3

The start of a crazy Holiday season!

I don't normally decorate with themes; but I kind of wanted to use my SailorMoon washi tape. I don't have many coordinating tape,...

Most of this week was spent working on orders, purchasing supplies (I'm trying to re-stock my store), and working at my full-time job. Which, btw, I work retail... So I tried to give myself plenty of rest too. Which is why I didn't have much this week.

On Thanksgiving, my family and I didn't do anything. MAINLY because of my Black Friday schedule. My brother had to work early on that day too (though he doesn't work in retail); so he wasn't able to come up here to visit.

And yes, I did work on Thanksgiving at my job. Our store was open from 5pm - 9pm. My aunt told us to go to their house for a Thanksgiving brunch.

After I worked on a few orders, we went to their house, had some eats; then I came back home and got ready for work.

Work was... CRAZY! I showed up a little earlier. There was already a HUGE LINE!

Luckily, because it was busy the day went by pretty fast.

But they expected us to close within 30 minutes which is practically impossible. I clocked out 45 minutes after I was supposed to be scheduled off.

This is my Black Friday schedule. Luckily, there were many breaks in between. But because of our Thanksgiving schedule; most of us did NOT sleep. I slept for two hours. I had to get up at 330am to get to work at 5am.

Thank goodness they provided food for us.

I always arrive about 15 minutes early. Anyway, there wasn't a lot of people lined up. In fact, the line for Thanksgiving was about 4 times bigger than Black Friday.

Almost everyone, including me used our first break to buy coffee (went to Starbucks with one of my coworkers) or to sleep in their car. I slept in my car for an hour. And that energized me more than the coffee did.

Once my second break started... OMG, it became CRAZY! It got SO busy! It was like what you would expect Black Friday to be! And it lasted until I went home (45+ minutes late again). Is it wrong to want to yell at everyone to please go home? :P

My second and third break had to be cut short by 30 minutes because of how busy it had gotten.

The day after Black Friday; my feet hurt so bad. My left thumb has a blister and I suspect it's from counting money (I was in charge of the safe half of the time); it still hurts. My feet are swollen. But thank goodness, I have today off. Resting today..

During my breaks on Black Friday, I did some indie shopping. I don't know if you can see above (on the right); I ordered SOME things from these indie companies:
Life's Entropy, sixteen92, AFK Cosmetics, and Hello Waffle (oh forgot to write that down).

I have a lot of things coming in the mail. I haven't had much mail lately.
A lot of it is: planner goodies/stationery, and supplies for my store.

The SailorMoon washi tape. It's so cute! I'm so glad I got it. But it's so wide :( Wish it was thinner

Not much going on here...since I bought everything! -_-;

Random: I'd really like a Silhouette Portrait. Has anyone used one before? I think I'll save up for it :D It'd be fun to make some die-cut labels for my store. Die-cut stickers too.

Still loving these cute little weather stamps. I admit, I haven't stamped them everyday. I just stamped the last 3 days before this post. Lol. I really should...They make me happy in a weird way.

Here's my month's overview in that planner I bought at Maido. Some days, I just didn't fill it out. This makes me happy since I didn't think I would be able to even do 2 weeks of it. Lol.

The weekly pages...didn't go so well >_>; I'll try again starting next week.

Speaking of next week; it's the begining of December. I'm switching planners again. I'm going back to pocket size, which might be insane since I need to prepare for my monthly subscriptions again. Inserts are changing too only because diyFish doesn't have V3 in pocket size (the ones I like). I'll still be using diyFish inserts; but different ones.

Anyway, that's all for now. ^_^ I hope everyone had a great week: Thanksgiving and had fun on Black Friday. Lol. 


  1. I love the Sailor Moon washi tape!!! Where did you find that? Cute blog!!!

    1. Honestly, I don't remember where I got it from. Someone on Instagram was selling it and it's been awhile :(


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