WEEK(s) in Review: 11.10.14 - 11.23.14

 PLANNER: A5 Filofax Clipbook (Neon Pink)
INSERTS: diyFish v3

It's been awhile. 

The week before 11/10; I was still using the Hyperdex inserts. But I realized they didn't work for me.  It seemed that I had to do a lot of EXTRA writing. So I went back to the v3 ones which I did like when I was using my personal sized Finsbury.

I realized that I like these inserts more as an A5 size.
 Please excuse the blurriness. I took these photos before I went to work and as I uploaded them, was when I realized they were blurry :( I must've accidentally hit a button to make it more shaky.

A lot of personal things going on along with i+t things. But editted out (obviously :P)

 Starting on this page (if you can even see it); I started using some planner stamps.

I had always wanted the Studio L2E planner stamps; but they were always sold out! ALWAYS! There was another store that I wanted to buy them from, but they were sold out too,

Then one day, I was watching some Youtube videos on planner setups/decorations and one of them mentioned Waffle Flower's planner stamp.

 WHAT!? IN STOCK!? Lol! I hurried my butt up and got it.

Though, I think they're more fitting for the Erin Condren Life Planners but... I still liked it. 

 See? The weather stamps you see are from October's Happie Scrappie Planner kit. 

 This week. I really love these frogs (the washi tape).

Random: I have a bunch of washi tape stickers and I never really used them. Since I started decorating these pages like this... I've been using them up super fast. 

If you can see... yes I did place an order at StudioL2E. I can't wait for the stamps!

 Lots of errands to do before next week. Since my work schedule will be crazy starting tomorrow (Oh, to work in retail...)

Well, that's the end of my weeks, I worked on a lot of orders the last two weeks. I have more orders to work on to go. 

I think next week's planner pages will say "OMG RELAX/SLEEP EARLY" Lol. Oh, Black Friday...


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