WEEK IN REVIEW: 12.22.14 - 12.28.14

Planner & Inserts: Personal Planner
I didn't post last week's WEEK IN REVIEW mostly because I didn't write anything in my planner. I didn't think anyone would want to see blank pages :P

All I did last week was work work work work. Didn't really have much time for myself either. Plus, I was trying to figure out how I'm going to use my Personal Planner, since it's a bound planner and I can't add pages. [But I did ;P]

Look, I added things to the spiral bound planner! YAY!

It looks so cluttered O_o; But, for some odd reason... it worked for me.

I had seen some Erin Condren Life Planner setups / decorations and liked the idea of the labels for certain things. I was really bored one day and made my own. I still had some sticky sheet paper left (for making labels for my store) and I made some. 

I wanted them to fit into the columns perfectly. So, I scanned a page of the planner and used it as a template for my labels. You'll see the labels throughout this post...

My monthly subscription re-starts this week. Well, the old cycle. It used to start on the 24th; but I changed it to the 1st since I thought it was easier than near the end of the month. 

Lol, I editted out my gift list ["List of the Week" on the bottom] for Christmas. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so the gifts were for friends and co-workers. Editted out, since I know some of them read this blog :P

Most of this week was used to prepare for my store's re-opening (was on hiatus for 3 months) and setting up my planner for January. And btw, yes, this will be the planner I'll be using for 2015. I'm hoping I'll be able to stick with this for a year.

I wanted to use my rubber stamps but I don't think the paper would be able to handle the ink.

Maybe next week's decorations will be more coordinated. I tried to do a Christmas theme this week,, but I didn't have many Christmas decorations. It looks quite... messy because of it. :P

Look for a review soon on my Personal Planner :)


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