01.01.015 - New Year and a New Planner!

A new year, means a new planner (or inserts lol). 

In September (?) I had planned on using diyFish inserts again but then I saw the Personal Planner in a few Youtube videos and lately, I've been loving the vertical-type layouts in inserts...

This isn't a review of the planner (But soon!). Since there are many more (and better) reviews out there. But it did take about 2 weeks for it to get to me (like the stated turnaround time says on the website).

I wanted to put the art I did for my store for the covers and it made me realize that I need to draw more. Lol.

 The first photo is the cover and this (above) is back cover.

 Look how chunky it is. But you'll see why... I included some things 
 I thought this was cute :P

 Here are what I customized my inserts to be. 

 Above, I added an hours worked box; weather, and here are two of the modules I chose: List of the Week (I'm a list maker :P) and To Do This Week

 The last module I chose was this box where I can use them for...well whatever. ^_^;

They also, included the holidays from your region and you can add your own dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc). But I didn't do that...

 Here's where I added some things. Since this is a bound planner, I can't add anything in there. I saw some videos on adding pages or whatever to the Erin Condren Life Planner and thought I could do the same. This was a small list I had. I could've used it for the List but I wanted to see if I could insert the page. (It's a Project Life card, btw). All I did was washi tape the side (so it would be a little more sturdy) and used the plastic envelope that it came with; as a guide for hole punching. Then, I slit the sides of the holes so I could add and remove it easily.

 There were some yearly overview pages. Sorry for my shadow. I didn't realize it was in the next few photos -_-;;;;;;

 Here's a close up (plus my dreaded shadow...)

 The paper that I chose for it to come with: Lined paper

 Graph paper

 I included some Teacher-type inserts. I don't remember what they were called. But I'll be using these for my subscriptions. I thought it would be a good idea to use these since I'd rather have most of my things in one planner...

 More teacher inserts...
  More teacher inserts...
 I believe this is a scheduler? If you have a set schedule, this is what you use. Maybe for school or work or...something. Unfortunately, my schedule isn't set so this page I won't be utilizing for that purpose. I'll think of something else...

 Here's the plastic (removable) top loading envelope it comes with. I've placed some labels and stickers in here...

One thing I did NOT like about this planner: If you look above... I used my Frixion pens. Obviously, I had to erase it and this is what happened to my page :O

I was quite sad since I recently just purchased my Frixion pens and wanted to use it for planning... :(

 Oh, here are the labels I created that I had placed in that plastic envelope. I was bored one day and had some full sheet sticky paper left so I made these. These are the most frequently written things. 

I liked looking at some of the Erin Condren Life Planner decorations and liked how the labels fit PERFECTLY in sections. So, I decided to do the same. I scanned in a page of the Personal Planner and made a template of the column width. 

You can see them in use HERE. 
 Another thing I did not like about the Personal Planner... There wasn't a monthly section. I use the monthly inserts to track my bills and future appointments or events...etc.

So, I made myself a planner that I just stick into the Personal Planner.

The idea for making this planner came about when my friend suggested we get a table to sell art/goods at a local anime/manga convention. We've sold art before. I got the time off and she did too (plus got a table). But because of finding out at the last minute; we had to figure out what to sell. I had a hard time because I hadn't drawn in awhile and the things I have drawn for lately are only for my subscriptions.

I randomly thought I should make a simple planner with monthly inserts. And, that's what I did. I used the latest art I did for my subscription as the cover. Printed it on photo paper. The actual inserts I've made before and just adjusted it so it wouldn't be so wide. 

I kept them blank because it would be harder to do if they were dated.

 So, here's what it looks on the inside and the photo before this is the cover. I got the inspiration (of how it looks) from the Hobonichi Techo pages.

 I also made a $ Monthly Challenge. I doubled the amount too. 

I did the same as the Project Life card. Aka washi taped the side and hole punched it and slit the sides of the holes. 
Love it!

DOWNLOAD IT HERE [Remember, this is the doubled. Also this is A5 sized and on Letter sized paper]

So yep, that is my short setup for my Personal Planner. I'm hoping I won't get Planner crazed again and switch a billion times. I'm trying to stick with only ONE planner this year. But, we'll see if that'll actually happen >__>;


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