WEEK IN REVIEW: 01.19.15 - 01.25.15

Honestly, I think I'm really liking the layout of the inserts in this planner. I have a feeling I just jinxed myself from because I said that... I wish it was in a binder planner-format though...

I decided I didn't like using Square Space for a blog. You can import from Blogger, which is what I'm going to do now. Blogger is just easier for me to use. Sorry for the non-sense. But it took me a week to figure out what to do with blogging... so you'll probably see me post here. I deleted the "I've moved to this blog here" post.

 ANYWAY! I decided to shrink down my planner collection. I think it has to do with this planner. Plus, the fact that I don't want my other planners collecting dust. It makes me sad. 
I listed some of my planners in one of the Facebook groups and sold my Lovedoki planner. I remember when I saw it for the first time. I had to have it! I was super happy to see it in the same Facebook group and bought it. But when I got it, it wasn't love. Which made me sad. Oh well. 

Anyway, I sold it. Lol. I do have a few planner wants:
- Pocket sized Gillio Mia Cara in Grey and Orange (I believe it was orange? Or Gold?)

- Customized Van der Spek Planner in Medium: Undyed leather with gold 1" rings. I want to use this for my online store's planner. The current one I'm using: Filofax Original in Patent Nude; is starting to get chunky. Especially since I plan on adding more inserts to help me with my subscriptions more. 

My bf finally had a day off ON THE SAME DAY THAT I DO! SHOCKING! We didn't really do much... I went to his house, we hung out a bit; went to see a movie: TAKEN3 (It wasn't as good as the first one but DEFINITELY better than the second one!).  Unfortunately, my time spent with him was cut off short since I had to suddenly pick up my dad's car which was in the shop (it was finally finished being repaired). Oh well. NEXT TIME! <3

Because I spent the day with Adam, my to do list for my next day off (Thursday) became ginormous. 

As you can see, I wanted to use my planner stamps again (well... just the "WORK" one). I finished all of my current orders that week YAY! 

Did a blog post on Blackbird Cosmetics here. If you like matte eyeshadows... ;) You should check out Blackbird Cosmetics! Hehehe! No, I'm not being sponsored...I WISH! 

I started doing something new when planning. I know a lot of people do this already, I don't know why I didn't. <--stupid, maybe? LOL. 

I started writing things I need to do (and reminders) on sticky notes and putting it on my $ Challenge insert that I made. I'm using it as my dashboard. 

Example: you see all the things listed on Thursday (above)? Most of those were written on a sticky note. This definitely helps me cull down my sticky note collection ;D

Anyway... my monthly subscription has started; so the next week will be interesting. (possibly?) 


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