WEEK IN REVIEW: 12.29.14 - 01.04.15

 Planner & Inserts: The Personal Planner

I tried to keep these pages pastel since I think last week's pages looked super cluttered. I don't know about you, but it seems not so cluttered and more...CLEAN.

Sorry for the blurry photo. 

This week is not only the start of a new year but also the re-start of my subscriptions. I'm happy that I planned this ahead of time; but there are only so many things you can plan. 

On Monday, I finally changed my room's lightbulb. WHAT!? This may be shocking to you but... I have high ceilings. My family consists of mostly short people and my dad's ladders are all at work sites. Let's just say that it involved a lot of stretching, standing on tippy toes on a step-ladder and me freaking out about a billion times since I'm terrified of heights.

I've been surviving by using 2 LED desk lamps. Lol (though one has recently passed on :P)  

This week, I also have a paid vacation. WOOHOO! Definitely, much needed since the holiday season at my full-time job was INSANE. 

There was another reason why I wanted to take these particular days off. Sacanime was going on and my friend had snagged an artist alley table and we planned to sell art together. But, at the last minute... I wasn't able to go. 

When I thought I was able to go, I was planning out what I wanted to sell. I hadn't drawn much last year or recently... so I thought I should make some simple monthly planners. I made a sample; but after I made the sample was when I was told I couldn't go. [She had someone else going with her already] I kept my sample planner and am using that for my monthly bill tracker/calendar.

I started the Weekly Money Challenge. I made my own insert and doubled the amount. Last year, I did it for half the year but... stopped because something came up -_-; And I forgot about it. I'm determined to keep it up this year! RAWR! 

I'm kind of sad that my vacation is already halfway over. Boooo! Lol. Honestly, I didn't really do anything. Just relaxed...

Anyway, that's it for now. See ya next week :D


  1. Where where where where do you get the weather tracker stickers?? *faints* I've been looking for something like that for forever. Thanks in advance!

    1. They're actually not stickers. The personal planner lets you customize your inserts to have them (or not). ^_^


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