02.18.15 - Happie Scrappie Planner Kit (A5): February

This is a late post since I received this a few weeks ago. >_> I've just been busy.

Let's get onto the goodies.
I think it's funny that I always seem to have a bad day whenever my Planner Kits arrive. But then I'll receive it and I'm super happy again. Funny, how stationery makes you happy (at least it does for me!)

The pile of goods

I like that she's including washi tape lately. I actually don't have a lot and that's because I use them up a lot (taping shut jars for my products instead of using shrink wrap). I guess the theme of this washi is dates. It's got months and days on it.
Here's a look at the other side
..and another side

Sticky flags with a dispenser. These are disturbingly (lol) cute. They're super colorful and look at the images, they're just adorable! 
Ahhh! That mouse is running away with the cheese!
The designs that are in the dispenser

It also comes with a deco tape runner. I also don't have many of these. I think I only have... 2? (well, three now)
Cupcake design of the tape runner..

This is an interesting product. They are plastic tabs. They're reusable. 
Here's some instructions (?) on how to use them.
Close up quick instructions (?)
Closer look at what that plastic tabs look like

Heart sticky notes. I think these are cute

More page flags. Paws!

A sheet of diary stickers :) These are on matte paper

As I've said in the previous month's post, I'm really loving that she's including pens in here. You can never have too many pens. At the moment, it's got a spot in my planner. This one is a black gel pen with a medium point. 

Closeups of the sticker sheet
Closeups of the sticker sheet

A small sheet of diary stickers (laundry). I actually have a full sheet of this from a purchase last year (?). I really like these :)

What's in here?
This is the back of it. Lol I think it's cute "You've finished with this pad!" Lol.
SUPER DUPER CUTE Sticky notes and flags!
Closeups of the flags
Closeup of the sticky note (the bigger one)

Also received a bookmark created by Sam herself. Super cute! I love the colors :D My favorite one is the macaron on the bottom. Lol

A pack of diary stickers
Diary Stickers
Diary Stickers
Diary Stickers
Diary Stickers

Overall, I'm kind of neutral about this month's items. Sure, it's usually the same items (sticky notes, stickers, pens, etc); but maybe it was because I was spoiled from the last few months and it just didn't seem like a lot this month. 

Anyway, I'm still keeping this subscription and I can't wait to see what next month's subscription has.


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