WEEK IN REVIEW: 01.26.15 - 02.01.15

 PLANNER: Personal-Planner
This week is very minimal. I was starting to feel...sick. I didn't even bother with decorating (the pages were decorated a weeks in advance). Just wrote in things that needed to be done.

Most of the things that needed to be done were for my subscriptions and my orders. 

Also, I finished making my fauxdori. I had been wanting one for awhile... and when I finally made it... I was super satisfied. BUT! I didn't want to use it. Is that stupid or what? Maybe I'll give it to my friend.

 I started getting sick on Thursday. I think I got it from one of my co-workers. As of today (Sunday); I feel like crap and I couldn't call out because there wasn't enough people to cover shifts. Sad...Oh well. I'm hoping I can do that tomorrow. 

Recently, I had been missing my binder planners also. So... I decided to use it. I decided to use it as my satellite planner. I know it's still too big to use it for... but I couldn't find pocket inserts I liked. I'm still using my mini personal-planner to log my online stores' activities. <--but it's super boring, which is why I don't post it. And I don't decorate that at all.

 Planner: Personal sized Filofax Finsbury in Electric Blue
(it's definitely more purple in person; but my light is washing it out)
INSERTS: ListLab (I had to shrink them so they would fit)

 It's a daily to-do/tracker. I loved how they looked. The only problem is, it's mainly for half-sized or A5 sized and shrinking it so it could fit the personal size made the text...almost illegible. It's okay. I just use it for my needs. 

I use these when I'm at work. Usually, I get these new "tasks" I need to do when I'm at work. I'll write it on a sticky note or on my phone (though I hate doing that); then on my lunchbreak; I'll fill it out in my Finsbury. I really didn't want to sell this (the Finsbury) but I wasn't using the binder planners So this is helping it. Though, I think I'll still sell it... Just...not now. 

That's all for this week. Not very interesting. I need to go rest now lol :P


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